JobStack Provides Hospitality Staffing for VenuWorks of Evansville

With PeopleReady’s app, JobStack, VenuWorks of Evansville has been able to request and manage staff more easily. Discover how JobStack helps them support a variety of events throughout the city.


A PeopleReady customer since 2014, VenuWorks of Evansville manages three different venues throughout the city:

  • The Ford Center, an 11,000-seat indoor arena that holds dozens of sporting events and concerts each year.
  • Victory Theater, a smaller concert venue with a seating capacity of 1,900.
  • Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden, a 45-acre zoo which is home to hundreds of animals from around the globe.

VenuWorks of Evansville needed a variety of event workers, including cashiers, bartenders, dishwashers and janitors. Depending on the event, they required up to 100 workers for a sold-out concert, up to 40 workers for a sporting event, and up to 30 workers for a corporate meeting. While PeopleReady was consistently able to provide them with workers, the company’s managers wanted more control of the staffing process, especially when needs changed last minute. They often found it challenging to balance the staffing needs of each venue with their other duties.


When PeopleReady unveiled its staffing app, JobStack, in 2018, VenuWorks of Evansville became one of the first companies to adopt it for their staffing needs. Each of their venue managers could use JobStack to request staff from their mobile device and confirm worker hours. Plus, the app’s rating feature would allow them to easily request specific workers who had performed well in the past.

Venue managers also had full visibility into each other’s job orders and worker schedules, a feature that helped all venue managers stay on the same page. If a manager was unavailable or had to leave an event early, one of their fellow managers could assume responsibility and keep the shift running smoothly.


With JobStack, the venue managers at VenuWorks of Evansville are in a better position to request and manage staff. For example, being able to confirm worker hours on their mobile device allows them to avoid paperwork and simplifies their reporting process. Meanwhile, having greater clarity about their upcoming schedules helps them plan which workers serve in certain roles.

JobStack has also been a tremendous asset for VenuWorks of Evansville during the COVID-19 pandemic. When they had to furlough most of their venue managers, their venue directors and other remaining leadership were able to step in and staff reduced-capacity events through the app. They now look forward to welcoming bigger crowds again with the added support JobStack provides.

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