PeopleReady Success Story: Major School District

PeopleReady Success Story: Major School District

When this school district needed workers for their food services program, they partnered with PeopleReady to fill their open positions for cooks, dishwashers and other cafeteria staff.

  • 56

    PeopleReady associates per quarter on average

  • 3,724

    JobStack shifts filled in 2021

  • 20

    schools served by PeopleReady associates

  • 13,000+

    Students served by PeopleReady associates


  • Company:

    Major school district
  • Industry:

    Food service
  • Location(s):

    20 schools in Southern U.S.
  • # of Shifts Filled:

  • Job Type(s):

    Cooks, dishwashers

JobStack Provides Workers for Hard-to-Fill Roles in Food Services


The school district offers an expansive food services program that provides school lunch, after-school meals and snacks for more than 13,000 students in 20 schools throughout the area. This requires dozens of food services workers, including cooks and dishwashers, to serve healthy and nutritious meals that energize students and get them ready to learn. To ensure proper food service at each school even as staffing needs changed daily, the district partnered with PeopleReady for staffing support. 


The district’s hiring managers were set up to use PeopleReady’s staffing app, JobStack, so they could secure workers and manage daily schedules more efficiently. With JobStack, hiring managers have the ability to verify that their staffing levels are sufficient for regular daily service and for special schoolwide events and programs. When schedules change, the app gives them immediate access to a vast network of available workers to help them meet last-minute staffing needs.

With JobStack’s quick reordering feature, hiring managers can invite their favorite workers back throughout the year, cutting down on training time and costs while ensuring consistent service.


The district’s hiring managers enjoy the ease and flexibility of using JobStack to gain convenient access to workers to fill a variety of roles. In 2021, JobStack supplied between 55 to 65 workers each quarter. The district’s JobStack usage grew 604% year over year, with 1,691 shifts filled in the fourth quarter alone. This level of activity is expected to continue in 2022 and beyond.

“We have worked together with PeopleReady under some trying circumstances and, overall, our company has not been disappointed,” says a representative of the school district. “JobStack is easy and convenient, which is huge for us. With JobStack, we have been able to quickly and efficiently find temporary help in both planned and emergency situations.” 

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