Tire Distributor Stays on Track with PeopleReady Staffing

A company with dozens of locations nationwide is now primed for further expansion with staffing support from PeopleReady.


This wholesale tire distributor provides U.S. tire dealers and retailers with passenger and light truck tires for some of the world’s leading tire companies. With dozens of logistics centers currently operating throughout the U.S., the company continues to expand into new markets each year.

When the company first launched, their logistics centers relied on different local staffing agencies for their workforce needs, including PeopleReady. The logistics centers that worked with PeopleReady noticed the quality of workers they received, many of whom were general laborers tasked with loading and unloading tires from trailer trucks. However, the ones that worked with other staffing agencies had seen mixed results.

Given their extensive network and expectations for future growth, the company realized they needed a more consistent staffing model which offered convenient access to a variety of workers:

  • On-demand workers to accommodate last-minute requests or employee call-offs.
  • Project-based workers to assist with special projects for an indefinite amount of time until their completion.
  • Temp-to-hire workers to provide valuable support on a temporary basis with the potential of becoming a permanent part of their workforce.


The company knew that PeopleReady could provide excellent service on a local level and were further impressed with their large geographic footprint and wide range of staffing solutions. After many discussions about establishing a long-term staffing partnership, they opened a national account with PeopleReady in 2020. PeopleReady is now the preferred staffing provider for over 20 of their logistics centers nationwide, which means they enjoy an even better customer experience and reliable access to qualified workers.

The company has also taken advantage of PeopleReady’s app, JobStack, to help them find workers quickly, even at the last minute. This immediate staffing support is especially important at the end of each quarter, when they require additional workers to help meet deadlines and sales quotas. They enjoy the app’s ease of use along with the ability to reorder previous orders, which allows them to invite top performers back for future assignments.


Within the next year, the company plans to relocate or expand into several markets throughout the U.S. Having the right staffing partner in place gives them greater confidence as they accelerate their expansion plans.

Armed with a strong workforce, the company continues to achieve their quarterly goals and hit key metrics such as number of tires shipped and number of tires sold. They have also been in a much better position to encourage further workforce development and provide full-time employees with opportunities for career growth and internal promotions.

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