Customer Success Story: Milwaukee Bucks

Customer Success Story: Milwaukee Bucks

  • 60

    PeopleReady associates worked

  • 75%

    retention rate

  • 3,500

    shifts worked to date

  • 22,000

    # of hours worked


  • Company:

    Milwaukee Bucks
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  • Location(s):

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • # of Hours Worked:

  • Job Type(s):

    Janitors, cleaning crew members

2021 NBA Champion Milwaukee Bucks Find Cleaning Staff with JobStack


For the 2020–21 NBA season, the Milwaukee Bucks needed approximately 60 cleaning and janitorial workers for each of their games at Fiserv Forum and between 25 and 30 workers the next day. Some of these roles required specialized skills or stricter requirements. For example, between three and six supervisors would work each game overseeing the cleaning crew. Meanwhile, crew members who took care of locker rooms and team benches had to pass a more rigorous set of qualifications and submit to regular testing for COVID-19.

To ensure maximum safety, the venue’s housekeeping department preferred the same crew members for each game. They also wanted a more convenient way to manage their workforce and to communicate with security personnel regarding entry approval for workers. Having extra transparency became even more critical once Fiserv Forum began hosting fans again at reduced capacity. If unscheduled workers arrived on site, the stadium faced higher labor costs and would potentially be violating health and safety standards.


The Milwaukee Bucks had successfully partnered with PeopleReady for many years, but the housekeeping department had not adopted PeopleReady’s 24/7 staffing app, JobStack. With JobStack, they could easily access a list of workers that were expected on-site for each shift. And in case of a last-minute staffing change, they’d see it in real time and then be able to send security personnel updated information. They were also able to extend workers for multiple shifts throughout the season or, when necessary, place an order for more workers outside of normal business hours.

The housekeeping department was hesitant at first about downloading a mobile app on their personal devices. But then their new PeopleReady representative offered a training session where she showed them how JobStack also works on any desktop or laptop computer. She also recommended that all managers and supervisors in charge of requesting staff could share a universal iPad equipped with JobStack, which created a more consistent user experience.


The Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Phoenix Suns for their first NBA championship in 50 years — getting a valuable assist from PeopleReady as their primary staffing agency for cleaning and janitorial support. Consistency has been a real key to successful staffing: About 75% of the cleaning workers who started the season were still working during the playoffs. As a result, their housekeeping department could always be in control of their staffing levels, even for night, weekend and holiday games. And they are confident they have gone above and beyond to eliminate risks associated with COVID-19.

Fiserv Forum hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including Marquette Golden Eagles home games as well as WWE matches and concerts by national touring acts. Even during the Bucks offseason, the housekeeping department continues to request workers via JobStack. With this mobile app along with the support they receive from their trusted staffing partner, PeopleReady, meeting their staffing needs is a slam dunk.

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