New Cleaning Company Scores Major League Contract with Support from PeopleReady

When they secured a contract with two Major League Soccer teams, this cleaning company needed reliable on-demand workers fast. Learn how PeopleReady helped them achieve their goal.

barak group case study


Barak Group LLC provides cleaning services for businesses and sporting and event venues throughout the Portland, Oregon, area. In early 2021, after just a few months in operation, the company scored a major win when they secured a contract with two local Major League Soccer (MLS) teams, the Timbers and the Thorns, for their home games at Providence Park during the upcoming season.

Barak Group only had a few weeks to build a cleaning crew of approximately 60 workers who could perform a variety of duties: pick up and remove trash; sweep and mop the concourse; and sanitize tables, seats and other common areas. With such a short timeline, they knew they needed help from a staffing company for their workforce needs. In keeping with their commitment to the local communities they serve, they were looking for a staffing partner that held their same values, including the use of second chance hiring practices so that all job seekers would have access to work opportunities.


Barak Group explored all their local staffing options and contacted a few select companies, including their local PeopleReady branch office. After their initial discussion, Barak Group was impressed with the speed at which PeopleReady could connect them with qualified, reliable workers who had previously been vetted and were ready to work immediately. These workers had different work histories and experiences, but they all had the same commitment to getting the job done right.

As an added feature, PeopleReady’s app, JobStack, offered support that no other staffing agency was able to. With JobStack, Barak Group could manage their workforce more easily, with options to submit workers’ hours, rate their performance, and view their staffing costs for each game. Instead of having to stay long after the last whistle and sign paperwork after workers completed their shift, the Barak Group could access the app at 24/7 to confirm hours and ensure workers were paid on time.


Since the beginning of the season, a PeopleReady representative has visited the stadium each game to ensure their workers arrived on time and to answer any questions. This extra step helps to ensure that these workers are prepared to succeed and meet all expectations.

From the first game, the leadership team at Providence Park noted the quality of cleaning services from PeopleReady workers. They soon extended Barak Group’s contract for an additional 10 games during the season. About two-thirds of the original cleaning crew works every game, with other workers being added depending on specific needs and availability.

Beyond developing a new and highly successful client relationship, the team at Barak Group also feels a sense of pride in providing steady work to local people who may not always have job opportunities available to them. As they focus on securing new clients, they plan to partner with PeopleReady for the rest of the season so they can keep moving forward towards their goal of business growth.

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