Use JobStack to Find Jobs Safely This Winter Season

What does it mean to work with a staffing company that can help you find work safely and feel secure in your job search? See how PeopleReady is committed to your safety with our app, JobStack.

January 26, 2021

What does it mean to work with a staffing company that can help you find work safely and feel secure in your job search? See how PeopleReady is committed to your safety with our app, JobStack.

"Use JobStack for Winter Safety" infographic

How to Find Jobs Quickly With JobStack

These four easy steps are the best way for job seekers to make the most of JobStack and find jobs quickly and easily.

January 14, 2021

Man on his phone

Remember life before smartphones and apps? Yeah, neither do we. The joke that there’s an app for everything feels like a lifetime ago. Now, there truly does seem like to be an app for everything, ranging from the silly to the essential. There are even apps to help you manage your apps.

Luckily, there are also apps that let you conveniently find work. One example is JobStack, which lets you find on-demand work when and where you want it.

You’re probably wondering, “I already have a lot of apps—why is JobStack worth the coveted space on my home screen?” Simply put: You can find jobs more quickly than ever before just by taking steps you’re already taking. It’s no extra work on your part, but you’ll see great results.

Reggie Davis, a user of JobStack, says, "Jobstack matches me perfectly with jobs that are closer to me and shows us important information about the job that we are going to. In the morning before work, Jobstack will send me an alert to inform me that my job is about to begin and it has a notification letting the staff know I've arrived. I don't have to do anything but accept the job offer and go to work."

Here are 4 ways to use JobStack to speed up your job search:

  1. Apply to PeopleReady
    Once you’ve applied to PeopleReady and passed the review process, you’ve got the green light to start using the JobStack app. Why do we do it this way? Because we want to get the screening process out of the way so that you don’t have any delays once you start using the app. The good news is that if you’ve already used PeopleReady to find work, you’re ready to go!
  2. Accept jobs
    One of JobStack’s most innovative features is how it learns what jobs are the best match for you. It’s quite simple: The more jobs you accept, the more it understands which gigs you prefer. So over time your JobStack experience is truly unique to you, which means you spend less time browsing through jobs that don’t interest you.
  3. Ace the gig
    The app lets employers give feedback on your performance, which factor into your overall rating. Workers with low ratings because they didn’t show up to the job or who didn’t perform won’t receive job offers via JobStack, but workers with positive feedback will have more opportunities come their way. Don’t forget: The app also lets you give feedback on the jobs you take.
  4. Follow your own schedule
    The benefit of using an app to find work is that it’s always ready when you need it (and it’s still ready when you don’t need it). And since you don’t need to go into a branch to accept jobs or submit hours, you get to create the schedule that works for you.

Hospitality: Finding the Right Job for You

The hospitality industry has a wide range of job opportunities available from entry level to experienced. See how you can get your foot in the door or advance your career!

January 1, 2021
Illustrations of three hospitality workers

Sprawling ballrooms. Cheering crowds. Last-minute reservations. Perfectly-placed parsley. Hot towels, mud masks, and iced water. What do all of these things have in common? They’re all different aspects of the hospitality industry. While a fanatic crowd might be very different from a tranquil spa, they both fall into the realm of hospitality work and are perfect examples of the field’s diverse jobs. Which setting do you prefer, and what’s the right hospitality job for you?

You’ll find hospitality workers in hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, theme parks, stadiums, theaters, and casinos. While many are customer-facing like reception, ticketing, and hosting, there are behind-the-scenes positions like sales, kitchen staff, and cleaning. Hospitality has a wide range of opportunities from entry level to highly experienced, which means there are ample opportunities to get your foot in the door or advance in your already successful career.

What are some of the jobs PeopleReady connects workers with?


As the person setting the scene for guests to come, your primary focus is getting guests’ rooms and the areas they’ll be staying in tip-top shape. Creating a welcoming space isn’t easy for everyone, so take those hours of interior decorating and makeover TV shows and put them to use! Some housekeeping responsibilities include:

  • Making beds, replenishing linens, cleaning rooms and halls.
  • Cleaning areas as assigned by supervisor.
  • Vacuuming rugs, carpets, upholstered furniture, and draperies.
  • Dusting and polishing furniture and equipment.
  • Washing windows, walls, ceilings, and woodwork.

Culinary Staff

A delicious meal can make a huge difference to any experience. You might start by preparing the food—chopping and dicing to make sure the meal service runs smoothly. You could be cooking – roasting, frying, sautéing, and basting each dish to perfection. Your duty may be plating the food that makes people happy. Or, you might be helping to ensure the kitchen is a safe, organized place to ensure freshness and quality. All are vital in a great dining experience for guests – regardless of whether you’re serving fried pickles or filet mignon. Some culinary staff responsibilities include:

  • Preparing and cooking food according to recipes.
  • Observing and testing foods to determine if they are cooked sufficiently.
  • Storing food at correct temperatures in order to ensure freshness.
  • Utilizing blenders, cutlery, and ovens to prepare food.
  • Making sure the area is clean and all quality and sanitation standards are met, including cold and hot storage.

Event Staff

There are many arms of hospitality in events and venues. Event day can look different for each type of occasion, but one thing that remains consistent is the need for self-starting, adaptable people who enjoy being in the heart of activity. Some event staff responsibilities include:

  • Greeting customers and taking orders for food and beverages, as instructed by supervisor.
  • Taking pride in the details of customer service.
  • Ensure departments are fully stocked with food, drinks, utensils, glassware, paper products.
  • May conduct transactions by accepting payment by cash, check, credit or debit cards, vouchers, then issuing receipts, refunds, credits, or change due to customers.
  • Assisting with event setup, cleaning, and dismantling, based on requests from supervisor.

More about Temporary Work

From property managers to janitorial associates to cooks to event concession associates, we help people looking for jobs in exciting industries when you want them and where you want them. Hands-on experience in different roles can be a major asset when job searching as well: a report from the American Staffing Association shows that 9 out of 10 people who worked with a staffing agency say that temporary work made them more employable. We have opportunities to gain experience in a number of careers you’re passionate about and give you access to jobs easily, through over 600 local branches and our easy-to-use, mobile app JobStack!

Do you think you have the right chops for hospitality?

5 Signs You’re Meant to Work in Hospitality

If you have these five qualities, you might be the perfect fit for a job in hospitality. Plus, see what work opportunities we have available.

December 7, 2020
hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is all around us and probably responsible for many of our greatest memories. A family vacation. A trip to a theme park. A championship game. Consider this: a team of talented workers behind the scenes and on the front lines makes these experiences possible. Have you thought about becoming one of the workers who help make these unforgettable experiences come to life? If these 5 qualities sound like you, PeopleReady thinks might be the perfect fit for a job in hospitality:

1. Routine bores you.

If you don’t enjoy knowing what every hour of your day will look like when you get to work, you belong in a role that keeps you guessing. Although not every day is a roller coaster ride, you can expect to adapt and reprioritize your to-do list, whether you’re working with families on vacation, thousands of attendees at the season’s championship game, or a restaurant full of hungry patrons. No two days will be identical, and you’ll learn how to adapt to whatever surprise pops up.

2. Sitting down all day doesn’t appeal to you.

For some workers, a desk job is a dream: You enjoy your comfy chair and stay put all day. For others, the idea of being locked into one spot for a workday is unbearable. Hotel and resort workers, even staff, and restaurant personnel—just to name a few of the many hospital roles—spend most of the day on their feet.

3. You’re a people person.

A bad customer experience leaves a lasting impression that you won’t soon forget. A great customer experience is just as memorable, only we don’t often talk about it as much. Those great experiences usually involve workers who fit the label “people person.” They’re personable, able to keep conversation flowing, make the customer feel like they’re the most important person in the room, and energized by these interactions. Dealing with customers all day isn’t an easy task, but anyone who thrives in this situation belongs in hospitality, where customer service can make or break a business.

4. You can multitask.

Multitasking is essential in almost every job today, but not every job requires you to keep track of so much while you’re on the move. For example, a hotel clerk might be checking in new guests and handling requests from current guests at the same time—all without forgetting any of the necessary details. In hospitality, everything on your to-do list feels urgent—and it probably is—but the ideal worker knows how to cross off each item in an order that leaves everyone happy.

5. Calm is your middle name.

You’ve probably gathered that working in hospitality is a busy, sometimes hectic, endeavor. Nothing is more welcome in those high-energy moments than someone with a level head. Not everyone has the ability to stay calm when they’re facing a long line of customers. If you have a reputation for keeping your cool when most people can’t, you possess a valuable skill.  

5 Resume Tips That Job Seekers Should Know

Here are some tips to help you shine and overcome some resume obstacles—and prove to your future employer that you’re their ideal candidate.

November 7, 2020

Hand writing on paper

You may not have a lot of prior experience, or maybe there are gaps in your employment. Here are some tips to help you shine and overcome some resume obstacles—and prove to your future employer that you’re their ideal candidate.

Write Concisely

Regardless of your experience,  make sure your resume is easy to understand. Communicate well and make it readable, and don’t use wacky fonts or design styles. Be sure to use proper job titles. For example, using “Refuse Dispensing Engineer” or “Waste Management Professional” may make it confusing for the potential employer to understand. Be sure to format your resume correctly, align all of the columns and ensure it was written in an acceptable “resume style.” Clean and concise is best.

Use Proper Grammar

Any resume should be error-free. If you are not a great speller/writer, be sure to have another set of eyes proofread for spelling and grammatical errors. Even the best writers make mistakes. That’s why authors have editors.

Use Relevant Keywords

Be sure that you are including keywords that best fit your experience, beefing up your most recent positions. If you were a warehouse worker, be sure to add a sentence or two about some of the tasks that you performed. Employers will be looking for keywords that fit the jobs they have available and the more detailed your resume, the better your chances of landing an interview.

Focus on Skills 

What skills have you learned and gained from your past experiences that you can bring to a future employer? More important than titles, more important than the names of the companies where you worked in the past, are the skills you will bring with you.

Share Your Experiences

Some opportunities may not seem like a good fit at first, but be open to different levels of work. Be clear on what you can do, and what jobs you want going forward. This type of information can easily be added as your opening resume objective. Your experience in a different industry than the one you are applying for may apply nicely. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge that you may be new to the industry, but are confident in your ability to transfer your skills from previous experience.

Define Your Past Positions

Have you had a large reduction in responsibility? For example, were you previously a plant manager but in your most recent position, a retail sales clerk? Potential employers may wonder what happened. Just be prepared to explain why. Were you looking to try something new? Did you get laid off and needed to find something else rather quickly? Be upfront about topics that some employers may perceive as a concern.

Demonstrate Commitment

Employers want to see that you have stayed long enough at previous employers to add value, learn new skills, and build longevity and loyalty with the company. Too many job shifts in too short a time period may suggest that you won’t stick around for them either. Also: Are there gaps in your employment? Be prepared to have a conversation about this during an interview or simply note this in your resume. Employers want to hire those who are going to commit to their company.

You have unique talents and gifts that will be an asset to some lucky employer. Follow these tips, and let your resume rise above the rest. At PeopleReady, we understand the interview process can be intimidating, that’s why we take pride in helping our associates prepare for the next step in their career. 

5 Tips to Get the Holiday Jobs You Want

The search for holiday help has been at ultimate highs these past few years, and things aren’t looking much different this year.

September 21, 2020
Hands wrapping presents

The search for holiday help has been at ultimate highs these past few years, and things aren’t looking much different this year.

If you’re looking for seasonal work, the odds are in your favor. The demand for workers is high and you’ll have a variety of jobs to choose from, including those in industries such as retail and warehousing. This time can also be an excellent opportunity to explore a number of different positions and roles that offer the flexibility of temporary, work or get your foot in the door at a company you’d like to eventually be full-time.

Holiday Job Search Tips

When companies are looking for strong talent just like you and seemingly everyone is looking for holiday shifts, it’s important to stand out among the rest of candidates. To get the roles you want, what are some ways to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward? PeopleReady shares our five tips here:

  1. Get Online
    The internet is the best place to start looking for the jobs available to you. Staffing sites and job boards are constantly updated so even if you don’t see what you’re looking for immediately, keep your eyes out because postings are frequently added. Another great option can be using a mobile app to find jobs so you can see what’s available wherever you are and whenever you want. Apps like JobStack not only give you a look into new jobs available, but also offer capabilities like selecting specific shifts, contacting the branch, and logging your hours!
  2. Start Early
    Sooner is better when it comes to applying for seasonal jobs. Holiday hiring can begin months ahead of when the season actually begins, so now that it’s already close to being in full swing, get started now! Also keep in mind training and hiring can take some time. As the days get shorter, time flies!
  3. Be Prepared
    Have your resume, references, skills, and any necessary work documentation ready. Not only will it help speed up and simplify the application process, it looks great to recruiters and possible employers when you show up prepared and organized.
  4. Share Availability
    When you communicate your availability with your recruiter, you’re setting yourself up for success. If you can work night shifts, weekends, or overtime, you might have the upper hand in getting a role that needs flexibility. If you’re unavailable for certain blocks of time, communicate this as well. The more your recruiter knows about your availability, the better equipped they are to find you jobs that match your needs.
  5. Show Your Strengths
    No matter the role, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate your skills. Whether you have exceptional customer service, fantastic organizational skills, or a knack for creativity, you can utilize your abilities in ways that support your role and impress your employer. The opportunities are endless when you show up with a great attitude, on time, and ready to work

See the Fall Season’s In-Demand Jobs

Find seasonal work that can help you meet your financial and work goals. Read PeopleReady’s article on the variety of jobs available to you during the holiday season!

September 14, 2020
in demand jobs

Hiring for seasonal jobs seems to be starting earlier and earlier each year, which means there are plenty of opportunities for work as the holiday season inches nearer. Just as the seasons change, so do the most in-demand jobs. In cooler months, you might see less openings for positions in landscaping or house painting, but there’s a whole slew of roles that need a full force of workers as fall hits.

As we mentioned last year, there are many types of jobs available in a variety of industries, from retail to hospitality. With online shopping’s popularity, there will be increased needs in warehouses and fulfillment centers. And someone needs to deliver all of those packages, so it’s no surprise that logistics sees a spike in seasonal work.

With an increase of new positions comes an increase of shifts to meet varied scheduling needs. While there are full-time seasonal temporary jobs, there are plenty of part-time roles available that allow for a flexible schedule. Seasonal work can be a great option—whether you’re planning on earning some extra spending money for the holidays, want to ramp up your skills, or feel ready to own your own schedule and choose jobs that match your lifestyle.

Interested in some of the different roles available to you as holiday hiring accelerates?

Warehousing and Manufacturing

The annual buying frenzy is coming full force as e-commerce shoppers begin looking for the best Black Friday deals and gift buying goes wild. To help meet consumer needs, warehouses and manufacturers go into overdrive to make sure goods are produced quickly, packages are ready to go on time, and all those awesome deals make it to the shelves on time. To keep operations running smoothly, manufacturers and warehouses need additional help from all kinds of positions from stockers to machinists to assembly workers.


‘Tis the coming season for hosting out-of-towners, parties, and events—which means hotels filled with travelers as well as personal and office parties booking up venues. That translates to a particularly demanding time for the hospitality industry. If you’re interested in exciting, active workdays (or nights) preparing beautiful spaces, meals, and experiences, hospitality could be an ideal environment for you.

Events and Venues

Similar to hospitality, events and venues see an upswing in busyness around the holiday season. You’re likely to find active positions available for holiday performances or seasonal soirees within events and venues throughout the season. Due to the timing of different events, these are also great opportunities for shifts outside the regular 9-to-5.


Even with the rise in popularity of online shopping, brick and mortar stores are still bustling. With all these customers out looking for the best deals, retailers need plenty of extra hands on deck for stocking and shelving, customer service, and checking out customers. There’s also plenty of extra merchandising to be done, so look for roles arranging product displays and helping merchandise the store to put your knack for design to use.

Ready to find the seasonal job meant for you? PeopleReady is here to connect you with great companies who need your skills!

How to Use JobStack to Find Work

It’s now easier than ever to find work with PeopleReady. All you have to do is download our app JobStack to get started!

August 4, 2020

It’s now easier than ever to find work with PeopleReady. All you have to do is download our mobile app JobStack to get started. You can apply and find work all through the app!

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Find Jobs Now

Download JobStack or Search Jobs Online

The People Behind the Packages: Jobs in E-Commerce

Every day, it takes thousands of people to make sure each order gets to the customer correctly and efficiently. Is e-commerce the right career path for you?

October 31, 2019
Woman smiling carrying a package

Ask anyone and you’ll know that online shopping has revolutionized the way we buy anything and everything, from bagels to TVs. Reports show that 57% of consumers prefer shopping online and one-third of consumers say their main reason for shopping online is the ability to shop at any time from anywhere. That’s a lot of shoppers – which means a lot of packages heading to doors across the nation at any given moment. How do they all make it on time? Who’s behind the scenes making e-commerce run smoothly? 

It takes thousands of people to make sure each order gets to the customer correctly and efficiently. These people are important in ensuring customers are happy, which means businesses stay afloat, and that ensures our economy keeps moving.

If you’re curious about being part of the wave of e-commerce support, here are key roles that PeopleReady says you might consider for your next job:

Stock and Order Associates… 

help organize and move products in the warehouse so they’re organized and ready for packing. They ensure that the first steps of the shopping process run smoothly. They confirm products are in the right place and easy to find. They’ll also keep an eye out for potentially damaged goods, alerting management when necessary. Attention to detail and organizational skills are particularly handy for these roles.

Packaging Workers… 

help to get the product ready for the people! They’ll package a variety of items by hand, including labeling, inspecting products for damage, and recording what items are packed. Securely and safely packaging items helps safeguard products and reduces the amount of loss for businesses. For those who like to keep moving and have a knack for tidiness will do well in this role!

Shipping and Receiving Clerks

make sure that incoming and outgoing shipments are recorded and tracked. Their tasks can involve anything from scanning barcodes or scanners to update and control inventory. They also help guarantee that shipments are processed, input into the proper system, and items are where and when they need to be. Those with time-management and multi-tasking skills are likely to excel in these roles.

Hand Laborers… 

duties vary from warehouse and business but are absolutely necessary for helping operations run. Hand laborers might move materials to and from different production and storage areas to loading and shipping docks. They also might work in the warehouse to retrieve products from storage and move them to package and shipping areas or help to load and unload cargo from trucks and containers. This can be a great role for individuals who like to stay on their feet and enjoy a fast-paced job where no day is the same.

Order Clerks… 

typically help receive orders from customers and process payments. This can include data entry like entering customer information into the order entry system and assist with questions on pricing and shipping. Order Clerks rely heavily on computer-based programs for the job, so computer skills and agility are highly valued assets.

Operations Managers

keep operations running smoothly as they oversee many if not all of these roles. Each Operations Manager role will look different depending on the company, but many of the regular responsibilities include assigning work, scheduling employees, managing daily operations, enforcing policy, and overseeing projects. While this is a more senior role, many workers work their way up to Operations Manager positions.

Delivery and Truck Drivers… 

ensure that each order gets to the customer. Drivers are likely to drive small trucks or vans from warehouses and distribution centers to the final delivery location, whether it be for another retailer or an individual. Drivers follow a set schedule, so great time-management skills and attention to safety are highly attractive for these roles and it can be a great position for people who enjoy seeing new things, hitting goals, and problem-solving.

Customer Service Representatives… 

make sure customers stay customers. Whether answering phone calls, responding to chat messages and emails, or speaking with customers face-to-face, Customer Service Representatives are people pros. They listen to customers’ issues and help solve the problem, whether it be with a product itself, the shipping and timing of the product, the payment, and anything involved in the shopping experience. Patience and understanding are crucial for customer service reps, but it can also be an extremely rewarding role in the company.

Interested in learning more about where you might fit into the world of online shopping? Connect with PeopleReady to see which jobs we have that will be a perfect fit for you. 

4 Reasons to Love Summer Jobs

Summer gigs provide plenty of benefits for workers of all experience levels. See how you can get a job this season with support from PeopleReady.

May 30, 2019

Man mowing a lawn

For many people, summer jobs are their first foray into the working world. If you’re a student with the summer off, a temporary job is the perfect way to add some work to your resume and cash to your bank account. You don’t need to be looking for your first job though in order to appreciate the perks of a summer job. Seasonal work brings plenty of benefits for workers of all stripes.

If you’ve been wondering if summer work is right for you, we’ve put together a list of reasons that might help you decide. Here are 4 reasons to love summer jobs:


One reason summer jobs stand out—even within the temp job market—is the  abundance of them. Some companies (like hospitality and retail) staff up for the extra business that occurs when students are out of school and families go on vacation, while others (such as construction) increase production during warm weather. Regardless of your industry, your available opportunities are among their highest right now.


Luckily, the ample amount of summer gigs means you can find one that suits your schedule. If you’re a parent who wants to spend the day with your kids on summer break, you can find a job that lets you work evenings or nights. If you are taking summer classes and can only work on weekends or just want to squeeze in a shift when you have a free day, you have that option.


Temporary work often offers the opportunity into a long-term position, and this is even more common for seasonal jobs. Employers understand that many, if not most, summer workers are only looking for temporary gigs, but they also know it’s a great time to scout new talent. After all, if they see you’re a strong worker who’s proven yourself on the job, they know who to turn to when they need a full-time employee. That could happen sooner than later since many current employees leave their jobs at the end of summer when their schedules change, they move away, or enroll in school. 


A seasonal job provides a great opportunity to build upon skills you’re lacking or gain expertise in a field. That could mean looking for opportunities where you spend more time building your customer service skills or could mean taking a job in hospitality to diversify your resume. If you want to shake things up with an outdoor job to enjoy the weather, this is the perfect time to test out landscaping. And if you’re new to the workforce, you might be looking for any experience just to build a stronger resume and increase your job opportunities. Take advantage of the availability and flexibility of summer gigs and build the resume you want.

Start your search for summer work with PeopleReady right now.

PeopleReady specializes in quick and reliable on-demand labor and highly skilled workers. PeopleReady supports a wide range of blue-collar industries, including construction, manufacturing and logistics, waste and recycling, and hospitality. Leveraging its game-changing JobStack platform and 600-plus branch offices across all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada, PeopleReady served approximately 98,000 businesses and put more than 490,000 people to work in 2020.