4 Benefits of Having a Summer Job

Summer jobs provide plenty of benefits for workers of all experience levels. See how you can get a part-time or temporary job this season with support from PeopleReady.

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How to Find Summer Work Opportunities for Your Skills and Schedule

Summer temporary jobs are a perfect way to gain skills and experience that can advance your career. These jobs also give you the opportunity to meet new people and make valuable connections. And best of all, you’ll earn money for your future plans. If you’ve been wondering if a summer job is right for you, PeopleReady shares four benefits of summer work.

Summer jobs are available in a variety of industries

Summer jobs in 2022 are hot due to a shortage of workers across the country. Some industries, like hospitality and retail, are adding staff because of increased tourism and travel. Others such as construction have their busiest times during the warmer months. No matter what your interests are, there will be plenty of jobs hiring in your area in a variety of industries this season.

Summer jobs help you gain skills and experience

A seasonal job provides a great opportunity to build upon skills you’re lacking or gain expertise in a field. If you prefer to spend more time outdoors instead of an office, you might try out an events job, for example. Plus, if you’re new to the workforce, you might be looking for any experience just to build a stronger resume and increase your job opportunities. Summer jobs are an excellent way to boost your resume.

Summer jobs can be flexible around your schedule 

Because many summer jobs are part-time or temporary, you can easily find one that fits your current schedule. If you’re a parent who wants to spend the day with your kids on summer break, you can find a job during the evening. If you’re a high school or college student taking summer classes, weekends might work best for you. The options are endless!

Summer jobs may lead to a more permanent role

Temporary jobs often give you the potential of taking on a long-term position. Employers understand that many, if not most, summer employees are only looking for a short-term job, but they also know it’s a great time to find staff for future projects. After all, if they see you’re a strong worker who’s proven yourself on the job, they know who to turn to when they need a full-time employee.

Find summer TEMPORARY jobs with PeopleReady

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or expand your skill set, PeopleReady offers summer temporary jobs with leading employers in your local area. For some jobs hiring near you, you can be paid as quickly as up to 24 hours. The majority of our temp jobs hiring offer weekly pay.

Summer jobs available 24/7 through our website or our app, JobStack include:

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