Facilities Services Staffing Solutions: Questions to Ask a Staffing Agency

A cleaning or janitorial staffing agency can make it easier to hire workers across a variety of roles. Ask these questions to ensure you receive the facilities services staffing solutions you need.

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Facilities services: How to find the best janitorial or cleaning staffing agency  

For further support in their facilities services staffing efforts, companies across a variety of industries are partnering with a staffing agency when they need to hire janitors, hire housekeepers, or hire an entire cleaning crew.  

If you’re new to working with a cleaning staffing agency, here are some questions to ask to confirm they are capable of meeting your staffing needs.    

Questions to ask a facilities services, cleaning or janitorial staffing agency 

Can you share more about your experience hiring cleaners, janitors and housekeepers? 

There are hundreds, even thousands, of staffing agencies operating throughout the U.S., but not all of them are equipped to provide the same level of service. In fact, many of these are general labor staffing agencies that may be unable to provide reliable cleaners or janitors to hire. Unfortunately, this could lead to understaffing and more cases of employee no-shows.  

When you need janitor staffing, housekeeper staffing or staffing for other cleaning roles, seek out staffing agencies that specialize in facilities services staffing. They can give you convenient access to experts with years of experience hiring for a variety of cleaning, janitorial or facilities services roles. Chances are high that they know what skills and qualities to look for in applicants and can match you with janitorial or cleaning workers who are ready to get started right away.  

What makes your staffing agency the best option to hire cleaning crew members? 

In your search for cleaning or janitorial staffing agencies, prioritize those with a positive brand reputation and a history of success in staffing for cleaning or janitorial companies. Top agencies should provide references available from former customers, such as hospitals, event venues or other facilities that require janitorial and cleaning staffing services. 

Ideally, your facilities services staffing agency will also have a thorough understanding of the specific hiring challenges in your area. This knowledge is cultivated through having an active presence in your community and building key relationships. As a result, they have the necessary insights to provide tailored facilities services staffing solutions.  

What types of cleaning and janitorial workers do you provide? 

Whether you’re searching for housekeeper staffing solutions at your hotel or resort, or a cleaning crew for hire to work an upcoming event, a full-service staffing agency should be able to provide workers across a wide range of roles. For example:   

  • Cleaning crew members 
  • Custodians 
  • Debris removal workers 
  • Housekeepers 
  • Janitors 
  • Laundry attendants 
  • Office cleaners 

Do you offer flexible staffing options as part of your cleaning staffing services?  

Flexible staffing options are another beneficial service your staffing agency should be able to provide. These options allow you to adjust your workforce according to your needs, ensuring you always have the right number of workers to meet your facilities services staffing requirements.  

What does staffing flexibility look like? Here are some options that a staffing agency may offer: 

  • Temporary workers: Temporary facilities services workers are available to provide extra help for a day, a week or an entire busy season if necessary.  
  • Project-based workers: If you’re looking for a cleaning crew for hire for a specific assignment, project-based arrangements are perfect for your business.   
  • Long-term workers: When you need housekeepers, janitors or other cleaning workers for an extended period of time, your staffing agency should be able to provide workers who are ready for that level of commitment.  

How do you recruit cleaning workers and janitors to hire? 

The right staffing agency for your company should have a variety of recruitment methods to ensure a strong pool of potential job candidates. A robust network of connections that includes local schools, community groups and government institutions enables them to cast a wide net to find reliable, qualified candidates.  

Staffing agencies can also use their social media platforms to promote your available facilities services jobs to an even larger pool of job seekers. With these recruitment strategies, you can hire janitors, hire office cleaners or hire cleaning workers across a variety of roles and prevent any issues caused by long-term vacancies.  

How do you ensure cleaning and janitorial workers follow safety rules and regulations? 

The best staffing agency for your needs will take safety just as seriously as you do. They should be able to supply basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ensure that each worker follows all safety standards and protocols. Some agencies even go the extra mile by offering free OSHA 10 certification programs for janitors, cleaning workers, housekeepers and other facilities services workers.  

Another aspect of a staffing agency’s services includes implementing an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) and conducting safety assessments before assigning workers to your company. If your staffing agency takes all these precautions, you can rest assured that they are committed to providing a safe and secure workforce.  

What is your screening process for the cleaners and janitors you recommend? 

By carefully screening candidates, staffing agencies ensure that the workers you receive are capable and can collaborate effectively with the rest of your cleaning and janitorial staff. With this proactive approach, the right staffing agency can help you maintain a safe and secure work environment. 

The vetting process includes checking each worker’s skills and qualifications to confirm they’re a great fit for the job. Additionally, the process might involve evaluating soft skills such as communication, teamwork and problem-solving abilities through interviews and assessments.

Do you offer cleaning hiring support for multiple locations? 

For cleaning companies managing multiple locations across different cities or states, the hiring process can get messy. Fortunately, a staffing agency with a local presence along with a national footprint has the necessary resources to simplify this task.  

 As the staffing agency accounts for hiring trends in the areas you serve and adjusts their strategy to help ensure each of your locations has enough workers, you receive the benefits from their facilities services staffing solutions that much sooner.  Whether you need a few housekeepers or janitors, or a full cleaning crew for hire, you can rest assured that the agency has all your jobsites covered.  

What other cleaning and janitorial staffing services do you provide? 

Staffing agencies are valuable allies throughout the cleaning hiring process. From managing administrative duties to handling payroll and onboarding processes, they can handle a wide range of employment related tasks to support your staffing plan. 

Best of all, the staffing agency can also navigate complex compliance and employee classification issues, minimizing the risks associated with each new hire. With these employment responsibilities handled, you’ll be free to focus on keeping your spaces clean and safe. 

Can you help us create a long-term cleaning staffing plan for our business? 

Sometimes, you may require cleaning staff for a significant project or for an extended period of time. Thankfully, a staffing agency’s experts can create a hiring plan that ensures long-term stability and success. 

In order to create a future staffing plan, the agency will consider a variety of factors, such as your locations and types of services. Their team of experts can use their years of experience in facilities services hiring to provide helpful guidance. The result is a robust staffing plan that addresses your needs no matter what the future holds. 

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