Office Cleaning Services: How a Staffing Agency Helps You Find Cleaning Workers

More workers are now returning to the office. Whether it’s a small office space or a large corporate building, see how an office cleaning agency can support your office cleaning services.

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Nearly 90% of companies will be returning to the office by the end of 2024, according to research by HR Dive. While this is great news for employees who enjoy the social, creative and collaborative benefits of in-person work, it poses new challenges for maintaining a clean workplace and instilling confidence as employees return to the office.

So, what if your office building needs reliable cleaners to ensure a clean workplace? Or what if your cleaning company requires more support for your upcoming cleaning projects? An office cleaning agency can help ensure that you have the cleaning staff you need to get the job done.

Benefits of working with a cleaning staffing agency to hire janitorial workers

Given the return to in-person work, it’s likely that the demand for cleaners will only increase in 2024 and beyond. However, janitor jobs, cleaning jobs and other facility services jobs tend to have a smaller applicant pool plus high turnover rates, both of which can make hiring difficult.

So, how do you find the right cleaners for the job? For many companies or cleaning services, the answer is simple: Partner with a facility services staffing agency that specializes in cleaning staffing.

If you’ve never worked with an office cleaning agency before, here are a few ways your company can benefit:

Convenient access to available office cleaners

As mentioned above, cleaning and janitorial jobs traditionally have high levels of turnover and no-shows, which may leave you needing replacement workers on short notice. If you work in a sensitive environment or you’re preparing for a major event, this can be especially challenging. A staffing agency can provide access to workers who are available right away, allowing you to fill roles even at the last minute.

A proper vetting process for all cleaning workers

While there are many different types of cleaning jobs, there are certain qualities that all cleaning workers should have. For starters, these include reliability, good communication skills and a strong attention to detail. A staffing agency knows how to source cleaning workers with these qualities, which means your new team is more likely to succeed on the job.

Flexibility and scalability of your cleaning staff

If you need to perform office cleanings on a specific schedule or following special events, a staffing agency can provide the right number of workers. Whether an office requires daily, weekly or monthly cleanings, working with them gives you the ability to scale your workforce up or down depending on your project’s needs. Flexible staffing can have serious benefits for companies and workers alike.

Reduced risk when hiring cleaning workers

By screening candidates thoroughly, staffing agencies help minimize the risks associated with workplace accidents or injuries. By taking the time to vet their candidates, they ensure that every worker meets the requirements of the job. Additionally, staffing agencies can manage various administrative tasks, including onboarding, payroll and compliance matters. This frees up valuable time for your other business responsibilities.

Compliance with cleaning safety rules and regulations

Safety is a top priority when cleaning for office buildings. After all, accidents and injuries can occur due to improper cleaning procedures. An office cleaning agency can hire cleaners who are trained to follow proper standards and protocols. In the end, this will keep the office space comfortable and secure for everyone.

Expert cleaning staffing insights

An office cleaning agency, or a staffing agency that specializes in facility services staffing, will likely have years of experience filling a variety of cleaning roles. This helps them find workers using tried and true methods that have worked well in the past. Plus, their recruiting and hiring expertise can help you develop a long-term staffing plan that’s built to last, supporting your business right now and in the future.

Results you’ll see from working with a cleaning staffing agency

Whether you’re an employer or you’re a manager of a cleaning company that services office buildings, not having enough cleaning workers can result in lost business. On the other hand, partnering with a staffing agency for office cleaning support can produce great results. For example:

Increased productivity and performance

A cluttered, unorganized workplace makes it difficult for workers to find documents, tools and other items needed for their daily tasks. According to a DePaul University study, these issues can greatly decrease the productivity of workers. With the right office cleaning services in place, employees can better focus on the task at hand.

Improved employee morale and client satisfaction

An untidy work environment can also make workers feel stressed and unappreciated. For many employers, regular office cleanings are often an investment in their people, contributing to improved employee well-being and retention. Or, if your cleaning company provides cleaning services for office buildings, you can help them make a lasting impression and ensure a great company culture.

Extended equipment lifespan and overall safety assurance

Dust and debris can accumulate in computers and other office equipment over time. This can lead to malfunctions, time-consuming repairs and replacements along with safety issues. The work of commercial cleaning services can prevent these issues and extend the life of office equipment.

Enhanced professional reputation and long-term relationships

When current or potential clients visit an office space, its appearance can greatly influence their perception of a company. Having the right office cleaning services available can help ensure that the office space is in tip-top shape at all times. Consistently delivering great cleaning services can help foster long-term relationships with clients and employees.

Hire janitors or cleaners now: PeopleReady offers office cleaning staffing solutions

From small businesses to large corporate offices, PeopleReady can help you find cleaners and janitors to hire. Our facility services staffing solutions can provide support for office buildings, hotels and resorts, retail spaces and more. Our team of staffing experts is also available to develop a long-term staffing plan that’s customized to meet your ongoing staffing needs.

Meanwhile, our JobStack app gives you access to cleaning and janitorial staffing solutions 24/7, so you can fill open roles even outside of normal business hours. By partnering with PeopleReady, you’ll get easy access to a wide range of cleaning and janitorial workers. For example:

  • Building cleaners
  • Cleaning crew members
  • Debris removal workers
  • Housekeepers
  • Janitors
  • Custodians
  • Laundry attendants
  • And more!

So, if you’re in need of office cleaning services, check out our locations page to get started.

Office cleaners needed for your company?

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