Achieving Event Success: The Essential Guide to Banquet Staffing

The leisure and hospitality industry has a shortage of banquet and catering workers in a variety of roles. See the benefits of partnering with a staffing agency for your food service staffing needs.

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Banquet Staffing

The Bureau of Labor Statistics consistently reports high turnover rates in food service and accommodations with an average 5% quit rate every month. If you need reliable workers who are committed to the job, PeopleReady has the staffing solutions you need. Our food service staffing guide shares insights and guidance so you can hire banquet workers and catering workers for your company.

Our guide includes:

  • Skills and qualities that your banquet staff need to succeed
  • Tips for attracting applicants to your banquet and catering jobs
  • The one solution that makes it easier to hire banquet staff

Skill and qualities that your banquet staff need to succeed

Regardless of their role, banquet and catering workers need certain skills and qualities to perform at their best. Here are some of the key qualities that a staffing agency will look for when you need to hire food service workers:

Friendly and outgoing personality

Food service staff are the face of your business. When your team is friendly, smiling and generally outgoing, guests are far more likely to have a memorable experience.

That means you’ll need to hire banquet servers and other food service workers who love working with people. Job candidates who are helpful and outgoing will be the best fit for your open roles. They will make genuine connections with your guests and inspire them to return and recommend your establishment to others.

Multi-tasking skills

Throughout their shift, your food service team will handle a wide range of tasks. They share the menu, take orders, and serve food and beverages — all while engaging with other members of their team. That’s why it’s crucial to hire food servers and other front-of-house staff who are capable of multi-tasking.

In addition to multi-tasking, your event team members should exhibit excellent time management. This helps them stay organized to ensure that all orders are accurate and delivered right on time.

Attention to detail

Whether it’s a catering server taking orders or a host seating tables, accuracy is crucial in food service. Attentive servers and event workers ensure that food and drinks are served properly, which helps enhance your company’s reputation and encourages guests to come back again.

Attention to detail also involves following grooming standards and being punctual. When all these details fall into place, they create a guest experience that helps your company shine.

Commitment to safety

In any food service role, safety must be top of mind to prevent accidents and injuries. Your workers should follow kitchen safety and food preparation guidelines at all times. Certain roles may require a food handler certificate or other certifications such as a Food Hygiene Certificate.

It’s also important to educate your workers on safety protocols and keep them updated on any changes. Offering regular training sessions to your team promotes workplace safety, protecting everyone and contributing to better employee retention rates.

Tips for attracting and retain workers for your banquet and catering jobs

Having the right event staffing plan in place is crucial for recruiting and hiring food service workers across all your different roles. Here are our expert tips to help hire food servers for your banquet and catering jobs:

Create a detailed job posting

A general job posting for “food service workers,” “banquet servers,” “catering servers” or “server jobs” will likely draw in many applicants, but they may not be the right candidates for your open roles. That’s where a detailed job posting comes in. It’s important to clearly define expected duties and responsibilities so that you reach applicants who are a good match.

You can narrow your search even further by sharing details about the skills or experience necessary for each role. The more specific your job descriptions are, the more likely you will be to receive applications from job seekers who fit your needs. For more information on how to create a great job posting, check out our article!

Accommodate flexible schedules whenever possible

Food service jobs can be tough to fill due to their unconventional hours. Offering flexible scheduling options can be a valuable way to attract top candidates and cater to their availability.

Flexible scheduling is becoming increasingly popular with job seekers. According to a recent Bankrate survey, 51% of job seekers said they would be willing to change jobs or industries in order to have flexible scheduling options.

You might consider offering options such as flexible schedules, including shift work and self-scheduling. Providing this flexibility can often lead to more job applicants among other benefits for your business.

Showcase training and growth opportunities

Offering training programs and opportunities for skill development is beneficial for your employees. It also serves as a selling point to attract top candidates who are looking for career advancement opportunities in the hospitality industry.

You can further enhance your recruitment efforts by implementing robust training programs, offering continuous learning opportunities, and establishing mentorship and coaching programs. These initiatives help employees to develop their skills and advance their careers in hospitality.

By investing in the professional growth of your team members, you demonstrate a commitment to their success and contribute to a positive work culture.

Highlight any rewards and recognition programs that acknowledge good work

Recognizing great work from your banquet and catering staff is crucial if you want to foster a positive work environment and motivate your employees. Rewards and incentives — such as verbal praise, gift cards or free meals — show your appreciation for their hard work, encouraging a culture of excellence.

Acknowledging your team’s efforts boosts their morale, making them feel valued and more dedicated to delivering exceptional service. This leads to an overall improvement in team performance and enhanced guest satisfaction.

How hospitality staffing services help you hire banquet staff

Sometimes you might need a little extra support with your food service staffing needs. A staffing agency that specializes in hospitality offers a team of experts who have years of experience in staffing for food service jobs and other hospitality roles.

Partnering with this type of staffing agency can offer your company a number of benefits. For example:

A stronger pool of applicants when you need to hire banquet staff

The demand for food service workers often exceeds the number of available job seekers, especially in areas where many hospitality businesses and event spaces compete for interest. Staffing agencies can use social media and other recruiting methods such as job fairs and school career days to spread the word about your open roles. As a result, your search for candidates is that much easier.

Local solutions for your hospitality staffing needs

When teaming up with a local staffing agency, their established connections provide easier access to active job seekers. These ties with local organizations and businesses offer valuable insights into the local job market. With their deeper understanding of the community, your staffing agency can customize their recruitment strategies to match hospitality employers with the most suitable workers.

Customized food service staffing solutions

A hospitality staffing agency can provide convenient access to part-time or temporary workers who are able to accommodate your unique schedule. Their team can also work with you to create a staffing strategy that fits your company’s long-term needs. This will help ensure your company has the right workforce size at all times, even during peak seasons or on short notice.

Flexibility in staffing for all front of house staffing needs

Your food service operations must handle various customer requests and unexpected situations. When your staffing needs change, a staffing agency can help you scale your workforce up or down as needed. Whether you need concession workers for an event or catering servers and other front-end staff at your restaurant, flexible staffing can be your secret to success.

Reduced administrative burden related to hospitality hiring

From onboarding to payroll duties, hiring food service workers requires your company to complete a variety of tasks. A staffing agency can complete these tasks for you while also ensuring that each worker is compliant with local and federal labor laws. As a result, you’re free to focus on making your guest experience the best it can be.

Support with your safety and compliance efforts

Partnering with a staffing agency for banquet staffing ensures compliance with federal and local laws, minimizing the risk of misclassification and legal issues. Their expertise in employment regulations guarantees that all catering or banquet workers provided meet legal requirements and are properly classified. This type of support can go a long way toward protecting your business from liability.

Hospitality staffing solutions at your service with PeopleReady

If you need food service or other front of house staffing support, PeopleReady is the food service staffing agency for you. Our hospitality staffing services make finding hospitality and event workers easier for restaurants, hotels, resorts and other event venues. This is true whether you need to hire banquet servers, hire bartenders or hire hospitality workers across a variety of other roles.

At PeopleReady, we have a team of food staffing experts who work with you to create a customized staffing plan featuring qualified W-2 workers. Meanwhile, our app, JobStack, gives you convenient access to our hospitality staffing solutions.

So, if you’re asking, “Where can I hire food service workers near me?” check out our locations page to get started.

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