6 Skills You Need to Succeed in Hospitality Jobs

If you’re interested in working in hospitality, employers need certain skills from their hospitality workers in order to turn a good guest experience into a great one. PeopleReady shares a list of hospitality skills so you can land the perfect job!

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jobs in the hospitality industry

A guide to working in hospitality: Hospitality skills, job search tips and more

As the hospitality industry continues to face a workforce shortage, many employers are looking for workers to meet their staffing needs. One of the best parts of working in hospitality is that there are a variety of options for job seekers just like you.

For example, people who excel at customer service have many roles available to them, including front desk receptionists and concierges. Or if you want to build a culinary career, you can start by joining a kitchen crew as a food service worker or line cook at a five-star resort or local restaurant.

If you’re interested in working in hospitality, employers need certain skills from their hospitality workers in order to turn a good guest experience into a great one. PeopleReady shares a hospitality skills list to help you land the perfect job in the hospitality industry.

Skills in hospitality that will ensure success on the job

Hospitality skills for customer-facing staff

Many job seekers are attracted to the hospitality industry because they are friendly, energetic and social. Customer-facing roles give people the opportunity to make connections and build relationships.

What jobs are in hospitality for customer-facing workers? An example of hospitality jobs like these might include:

  • Bartenders
  • Banquet and restaurant servers
  • Concession workers
  • Concierges
  • Hosts and hostesses
  • Parking attendants, ticket takers and ushers

The top hospitality skills you need in a customer-facing role include:

Communication skills: Communication in the hospitality industry is crucial. You’ll not only need to convey important details to your guests but also create a welcoming, friendly environment so that they want to return time and time again. Communication skills — one of the most important soft skills — translate into a positive customer experience and help you create a strong bond with your teammates.

Positive attitude: Whether you’re learning a new booking system, prepping a kitchen or introducing guests to their room, positivity and enthusiasm makes the guest experience better. It also makes it easier for you to handle the stresses of learning a new job.

Flexibility: When supporting and serving customers, you need to be able to shift gears quickly. Your managers and fellow team members will appreciate someone who goes with the flow while being able to stay focused.

Hospitality skills for back-of-house workers

In the hospitality industry, the work behind the scenes is just as important. That’s true whether you prefer to work in a kitchen or in an administrative role.

So, which jobs in the hospitality field are considered back of house? Here are some common back-of-house roles in hospitality and events:

  • Prep cooks and line cooks
  • Food preparation workers
  • Dishwashers
  • Housekeepers, cleaning crew members or facility service workers
  • Event caterers, who both serve food and set up food service areas
  • Clerical and administrative workers

The top hospitality skills you need in a back-of-house role include:

Organizational skills: Hospitality workers have an ongoing list of tasks every day. Staying organized and multi-tasking will help you be successful. In fact, these two skills go hand in hand. If someone can organize their schedule and tasks well, they will likely be able to get more done.

Attention to detail: As a hospitality worker should understand the value of creating an atmosphere that meets expectations. Something that might seem like a small problem — like a hair on a plate or a towel on the floor — could turn a loyal guest into a dissatisfied one.

Teamwork: The best people for these roles know how to work well with others and contribute as part of a team. You’ll likely work with a mix of people and personalities, so it’s important to maintain a respectful awareness of other people’s feelings and perspectives.

Common questions about hospitality industry jobs

Now that you know the skills needed to succeed in a hospitality job, we thought we’d answer some of the most common questions people have about working in hospitality. This information can help you find the perfect job for you!

What does the hospitality industry include?

The hospitality industry includes bars, restaurants, hotels, resorts, theme parks, event spaces, among other venues. The specific companies with job openings in your location will vary.

Why do you want to work in hospitality?

People may consider working in the hospitality field for a variety of reasons. This could be because they like meeting new people, have an interest in working in food service, or simply enjoy being part of events and gatherings.

What is a hospitality environment like?

A hospitality environment focuses on putting customers first, making sure their needs are taken care of. These venues create a friendly atmosphere, offering great service and keeping high standards of quality, cleanliness and presentation.

Where can I find an example of hospitality job descriptions?

You can find examples of hospitality job descriptions on various websites. Job search websites like Indeed and LinkedIn have a wide range of hospitality job listings, each with detailed descriptions of the roles. Additionally, many company websites and industry associations often provide sample job descriptions for hospitality jobs.

What’s the best way to get experience in hospitality?

Getting experience in hospitality can be achieved in a number of different ways. You can choose to do coursework in hospitality or a related field to understand potential job roles better. Another way is to take up flexible jobs, like part-time or temporary jobs, where you can gain hands-on experience and learn important skills.

Where do I find hospitality work?

To find hospitality jobs, you can explore job search websites where job listings are available. Or consider checking the jobs pages of hotels, restaurants and hospitality companies in your area. Another great way is to work with a staffing agency who can provide access to a variety of opportunities.

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