The One Solution to Meeting Your Seasonal Staffing Needs

Seasonal staffing is often a stressful event for businesses in many industries. Here’s why using a temp agency can help you meet your staffing needs during your busiest times.

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Seasonal temp workers

How to Create a Seasonal Staffing Plan for Your Business

The 2022 holiday season is expected to be more profitable than last year, with sales returning to pre-pandemic levels. However, consumer behavior has changed. Holiday shopping will begin early and spread over the remainder of the year as a budgeting tool to deal with inflation. In turn, employers in many industries will need more holiday workers to support their full-time staff. Below we share three ways a staffing partner can help you find the seasonal workers you need during the busiest time of year.

Get the right workers for all your business needs

The labor shortage that began with the Great Resignation will still impact nearly all industries as the 2022 holiday season begins. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that there are still 5.5 million more available roles than workers to fill them. This shortage will make it even more difficult to source and vet seasonal workers as the holidays approaches.

Given the long hours and time-sensitive nature of seasonal work, it’s important to have 24/7 access to holiday staff to satisfy customers. A temp agency gives you a strong roster of candidates who can fill roles, including merchandisers, pickers and packers, inventory managers, and others.

Working with a staffing agency with a broad network of seasonal employees beyond your local community can also provide added benefits. For example, you’ll find it easier to match candidates to open roles across all your stores, warehouses or distribution centers. If the job they’re currently working isn’t needed past your busy season, they might be able to fill similar roles soon.

Solve attendance issues and scheduling difficulties

Some seasonal workers don’t take their job seriously given its temporary nature. Hiring candidates who are prone to absence places more stress on your current staff. In turn, productivity may decrease, which can impact customer satisfaction.

A clear process for reviewing candidates and determining their qualifications will ensure that you have workers who will show up on time and are ready to succeed. When you partner with a staffing agency that vets workers, each candidate they recommend will be assessed on important traits. These traits might include, for example, professionalism, experience and reliability.

Meanwhile, these candidates are looking specifically for seasonal positions, so their schedules flexible. As a result, they can step in at a moment’s notice for various shifts, even on nights and weekends.

Reduce paperwork and administration tasks

The gig economy has been growing since before the Great Resignation. According to Forbes, gig workers now represent about 35% of the workforce, up from between 14% in 2014. However, as the number of temp workers grows, sorting through all these applications is becoming increasingly difficult.

By using a staffing agency for seasonal roles, you can reduce much of the burden of the onboarding process. Their staffing experts help you manage all requirements such as payroll administration, background verification, and drug testing.

Another thing to keep in mind: Candidates applying for seasonal work want and expect a quick response. A temp agency and their holiday staffing solutions are designed to ensure that your candidates receive regular communications and know your timeline. For this reason, they gain confidence in your business and are ready to hit the ground running.


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