Hire a Housekeeper: Top Hotel Housekeeper Staffing and Recruiting Tips

If you manage a hotel or hospitality venue, you know that guests expect a certain level of service, safety and cleanliness. Ensure a great guest experience with these hotel housekeeper staffing and recruiting tips.

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Finding housekeepers with the right skills and experience is essential for maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and guest satisfaction in any hospitality setting. Whether you’re managing a hotel, resort or any other hospitality venue that requires housekeeping services, attracting and hiring the right applicants can drive your business’s success. Here are seven recruiting tips to help support your hotel housekeeper staffing efforts.

How to recruit housekeepers for any hotel or hospitality venue

Create detailed housekeeper job postings

One of the first steps in attracting quality housekeepers is to create detailed and engaging job descriptions. A well-written job description should clearly outline the duties and responsibilities of the role, such as cleaning and maintaining guest rooms and common areas, and handling laundry services. You should also include the skills and qualifications required, such as attention to detail and problem-solving abilities.

Don’t forget to highlight any perks and incentives your hospitality company offers, such as flexible schedules and opportunities for career advancement. A detailed housekeeper job description helps attract the right candidates while setting clear expectations for the role. Here’s just part of what can make a great housekeeper job description:

“We are seeking a dedicated and detail-oriented housekeeper to join our team. Responsibilities include cleaning guest rooms, managing laundry and ensuring common areas are well-maintained. Candidates should have previous housekeeping experience, excellent problem-solving skills, and the ability to work quickly and efficiently.”

Share housekeeper jobs on online job boards and social media

Online hospitality job boards and social media platforms can be powerful tools for finding housekeepers. Popular websites such as Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn give you the opportunity to reach a broad audience of job seekers.

Meanwhile, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can also be effective for reaching a broader audience of potential candidates. We recommend sharing job openings on your company’s social media pages and encouraging your employees to do the same.

Connect with local schools and community organizations for better hotel recruiting

Building partnerships with local community organizations, vocational schools and training centers can help you connect with those who might be interested in housekeeper jobs. Many of these organizations can refer qualified candidates to your hospitality business. Additionally, vocational schools and training centers often have programs for individuals seeking jobs in housekeeping or other hotel roles.

Attend job fairs and networking events in the hospitality industry

Job fairs and networking events provide excellent opportunities to meet potential candidates face-to-face. You can showcase your company, share information about job openings and engage with job seekers directly. Don’t forget to bring promotional materials like brochures and business cards and be prepared to answer questions about your organization and the available positions.

Networking events within the hospitality industry can also help you connect with other hospitality professionals and build relationships that may lead to referrals and recommendations for housekeepers or other resort or hotel workers. By actively participating in these events, you can expand your reach and find housekeepers more easily.

Implement employee referral programs for your hotel

Employee referral programs can be an effective way to find qualified housekeepers. Encourage your current employees to refer friends, family members or acquaintances who may be interested in housekeeping jobs. You can also offer incentives, such as gift cards, free accommodation or extra time off for successful referrals.

Your current employees can provide valuable insights into potential candidates and their ability to get the job done. Referral programs help you find quality hires while boosting employee morale and engagement by including them in the hotel housekeeper staffing process.

Reach out to your existing contacts in the hospitality industry

Your professional network can be an incredible resource when recruiting housekeepers. Reach out to your hospitality industry contacts, former colleagues and others to let them know about your housekeeper job openings. They may be able to recommend qualified candidates or help spread the word that you’re hiring.

You can also consider joining hospitality industry associations and participating in their events. This is another great way to expand your network and connect with potential job seekers.

Share hotel onboarding and training opportunities with potential applicants

By investing in the professional development of your hospitality workers, you also demonstrate your commitment to their success and create a positive work environment. This can lead to higher job satisfaction and retention rates, making your hospitality company more appealing to potential candidates.

For starters, develop a structured onboarding program that includes training in cleaning techniques, safety protocols and other essential parts of your hospitality services. Providing ongoing training opportunities, such as workshops and certifications, can help you attract candidates who are eager to learn and grow in their careers. Plus, your housekeepers can improve their skills and continue to advance in their roles.

Showcase your hospitality company’s unique culture

A positive company culture can be a major selling point for potential hospitality workers, including housekeepers. Your job postings, your website and social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are all great places to showcase your company culture.

To do so, emphasize the aspects of your workplace that make it an awesome place to work, such as employee recognition programs, team-building activities and opportunities for social interaction. Sharing testimonials from current employees about their positive experiences can also help attract hospitality workers who value a fun and supportive work environment.

Highlight the chance to serve on a friendly and high-performing team

Emphasizing the opportunity to be part of a winning team can significantly boost your recruitment efforts. By highlighting your exceptional hotel staff, you can attract housekeepers of the highest quality. This approach not only helps in recruiting the best housekeepers available but also plays a crucial role in retaining them for the long term.

Another thing to consider: When you acknowledge and reward hard work, you make your housekeepers and other hospitality staff feel valued and appreciated. In the end, housekeepers who know they are an integral part of your team are more likely to stay with your company and recommend it to other job seekers.

Partner with a hospitality staffing agency for housekeeper hiring

A hospitality staffing agency, or one that specializes in hotel staffing or housekeeper staffing is equipped to help you find qualified housekeepers more easily. These agencies have years of experience providing hospitality staffing services to a variety of companies. Their expertise in housekeeper hiring and hiring for other hospitality jobs plus their extensive network of potential candidates can save you valuable time and resources.

Even better: From screening and interviewing to background checks and onboarding, a hotel staffing agency or housekeeper staffing agency has your administrative tasks covered. This frees you up to focus on what you do best: creating a first-rate guest experience for your hotel.

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Building a team of skilled and dedicated housekeepers can enhance the experience guests have at your establishment and contribute to the long-term success of your business. PeopleReady can support your housekeeper hotel staffing efforts so you can stay on track with your company goals.

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