Staffing Tips to Survive the Holiday Rush

If you have the responsibility of staffing your workplace during the holiday season, follow these tips to ensure your success.

Every year it seems time gets compressed. Summer is barely over and retail outlets are already pushing Halloween costumes and holiday decor. As premature as this may seem, you might also want to plan ahead if you have the responsibility for staffing your workplace during the holiday season. A little bit of foresight can help you avoid many headaches: unplanned calls-offs, leave without notice, office tensions when you have to decline time-off requests.

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How can I plan ahead?

Ask your staff to pencil in their vacations now so you can prepare. You can find ways to cover their workload while devising a schedule that ensures all permanent staff are supported. You want your team to have opportunities to use their hard-earned vacation, and you also want to safeguard that essential business support is available and your results won’t suffer.

The holidays are my busiest season!

When managing retail or a shipping and receiving operation, it may be unreasonable to grant ample time off during the holidays. This can be tricky as your existing staff wants to spend time with friends and family. In this case, communicate to the entire team clearly that working during the holidays is required. You can still make work a positive for your team by offering incentive such as higher pay for holiday work, time off by seniority, or implementing a lottery system and/or offering extended time off after the seasonal rush. Glassdoor offers more great suggestions to effectively manage employee time off so you can best position your business and your workforce for a successful season.

Consider a staffing partner.

Hiring temporary staff to provide coverage may be a great option for your company. If you’ve worked with temporary staff in the past who understand the fundamental job requirements for the staff they are covering for, invite them to come back and work with you! If you haven’t used temporary staff in the past, a strong way to ensure coverage is to work with a staffing partner who will take care of the recruiting and placement for you.

Find a staffing partner who will listen to your needs, has a background in recruiting for similar skill types, and offers a pool of trained candidates that can step in. They can ultimately provide relief for your permanent staff with as little disruption to your business as possible. Find out more about how a partner like PeopleReady can provide 24/7 support for you.

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