PeopleReady Presents Hospitality Staffing Solutions for a Major U.S. Zoo

An events vendor needed quick and convenient access to hospitality workers for a major U.S. zoo. PeopleReady delivered 24/7 staffing solutions for all their event staffing needs through our app, JobStack.

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Hospitality staffing for events


As the hospitality and events vendor supporting a major zoo, this company has faced several challenges finding hospitality staff. Above all, their staffing needs fluctuate often depending on weather and seasonality. In fact, they may require anywhere between 10 and 40 hospitality workers per day. With a busy summer season ahead, they reached out to PeopleReady for help staffing the zoo’s upcoming events.


PeopleReady quickly rose to the challenge and introduced them to our staffing app, JobStack, which gives businesses 24/7 access to local workers. These workers covered a variety of hospitality jobs for events and concessions, including ticket scanners, runners, cashiers and prep cooks. Whenever a new event was scheduled, the company could open JobStack and find available workers on demand, even on nights and weekends. Even better, the app would allow them to repeat orders for workers and request those who had performed well on previous shifts.


While their other staffing agency couldn’t keep up with their staffing needs, PeopleReady was able to ensure their orders were filled completely. The zoo benefited greatly from the quality and consistency of workers they received: On an average day, around 70% of them had worked on previous shifts. Meanwhile, the company appreciated the personal touch of PeopleReady — our managers were always present on-site to verify that all workers showed up on time. They also enjoyed the fact that JobStack made requesting workers and submitting their hours every day fast and simple.

The zoo is currently building an outdoor venue to host corporate events, and has also begun working with PeopleReady directly to staff for other roles outside of hospitality, including ground maintenance crew members and landscaping workers. Because of the ease and convenience of JobStack, along with our ability to fill positions quickly with high-performing associates, PeopleReady is now the company’s sole staffing provider.

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