Top Spring Jobs Available Now

Seasonal jobs are available not only during the holidays. With the weather turning warmer across the country, see how you can earn extra cash with these spring jobs.

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Find a Job This Spring

Want to earn a little extra cash and get some sun at the same time? Spring means outdoor jobs at many locations, including sporting events, concerts and new construction projects. Read on to see where you’ll find the best spring jobs.

8 places to find a job this spring

Hotels and resorts

The warmer weather makes it a prime time for tourists to travel and take vacations. In the coming months, major resorts and hotels will require additional staff to ensure proper guest service. Different roles at hotels and resorts include concierges, housekeepers, parking attendants and more. These seasonal part-time jobs provide the opportunity to expand your communication and service skills, which can help you throughout your career.

Get more details about resort and hotel jobs.

Retail stores

With spring in the air, more people will be visiting retail establishments such as home improvement stores to buy outdoor tools, equipment and products. Spring and summer travel can also mean more business for retailers who sell vacation items such as swimwear and sunscreen. Available retail jobs this spring include cashiers, merchandisers, store update assistants and customer service representatives.

Gardening and landscaping companies

Do you have a green thumb? Gardening and landscaping services in many areas also need more workers to keep up with an increase in customers. So, what do gardeners and landscapers do? Duties and responsibilities include growing vegetables, pulling weeds, laying mulch, and tending to flowers and plants. These spring jobs are perfect for people who prefer outdoor jobs. Bonus: There are health benefits, too!

Sports and entertainment venues

If you’re looking for spring jobs, you can be part of the action in the events industry. From ballparks and concert venues to convention centers, many venues are offering spring break jobs and long-term roles that can extend into the summer and beyond. These seasonal employment opportunities include ushers, bartenders, concession workers and ticket takers.

Restaurants and dining establishments

Restaurants and bars that have outdoor patios will be buzzing with activity as guests go outside to enjoy the spring weather. You might find spring jobs in any number of roles at today’s dining establishments, from catering assistant to line cook. If you want to work with the public, jobs as bartenders and servers offer this opportunity. Plus, there’s the chance to earn some extra tips!

Auto auctions

Have you considered working at an auto auction? Local auto auctioneers will be eager to move their inventory this time of year, and you can get in on the action as an auto auction driver, parking attendant or concession worker. In these roles, you provide excellent customer service while also helping to ensure that the auction runs smoothly. One important thing to note is that auto auction drivers must have a valid license.

College campuses and the surrounding community

If you’re a college student, you may be able to find spring jobs in your own backyard. From outdoor festivals to on-campus concerts, warmer weather means more events that need ticket takers, parking attendants, concession workers and other event workers. If you’re not a college student, you can still check your local university’s job board to find jobs working outside this spring and beyond.

Construction sites

Jobs in construction are a perfect way to get outdoors and be active. Construction helpers are needed at many job sites to support skilled construction workers and perform basic tasks, like cleanup, supplying tools and carrying materials. Physical strength, stamina and dexterity are skills that construction workers would do well to possess. From demolition sites to tunnel excavations, these jobs will be available in most cities throughout North America.

How to find seasonal jobs with PeopleReady

Looking for rewarding flexible work opportunities? There are plenty of spring jobs outdoors available that fit your schedule and your interests. What’s more, we have jobs available during the summer and beyond as well.

Seasonal jobs provide a great opportunity for job seekers to explore their interests and earn extra money while doing so. Finding seasonal spring break jobs and other flexible jobs is easy through PeopleReady’s website and our app, JobStack, which lets you browse job openings and apply to the jobs you want 24/7.

Explore a variety of open jobs in a variety of exciting industries, including:

  • Hospitality jobs: Concierges, parking attendants, banquet servers, prep cooks and line cooks, housekeepers, janitors
  • Event jobs: Bartenders, food servers, ushers, ticket takers, concession workers, cleaning crew members
  • Construction jobs: General laborers, flaggers, cleanup crew members, debris removal workers
  • Retail jobs: Cashiers, customer service representatives, merchandisers, store update assistants, pickers and packers
  • And more!

Looking for seasonal jobs?

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