Work, Win, Drive April 2022 Sweepstakes

Work Your Way into the Winner’s Circle

There’s $100K in Cash & Prizes Up for Grabs in April! 

Are you ready to win? Enter the Work, Win, Drive Sweepstakes for your chance to win extra cash and prizes throughout the entire month! All you have to do is work for PeopleReady or its skilled trades division in April and you’ll automatically be entered into the sweepstakes each day you work.

That’s right—every day we’ll have three winners. And if you worked that day, you’ll automatically be entered to win one of three daily prizes. First place wins $1,000, second place wins $750 and third place wins $500. PLUS, for each day you work, you’ll also earn one automatic entry into the grand prize drawing for a car of your choice* or $25,000 cash!  

So, the more you work, the more chances you have to win. For example, if you work 20 days in April, you’ll have 20 chances to win a daily prize and 20 entries for the grand prize drawing.

*Price of car must not exceed $25,000 (excluding taxes and fees) and must be at a dealership local to you.

Check Out These Daily Prizes

Each day you work, you’ll automatically be entered into our daily drawing, where you can win one of the three cash prizes below. We’ll announce our daily winners for the previous seven days each Friday in April.   

With three prizes on the line each day, we’ll be announcing up to 21 winners every Friday. Oh, and did we mention that you can win more than once? It’s true—you could potentially win one of our three daily prizes for each day you work—there’s no limit! 

1st Place: $1000
2nd Place: $750
3rd Place: $500

And the Grand Prize — a car of your choice* or $25,000!

Remember: The more you work, the more chances you have to win. Every day you work, you’ll get another entry for the grand prize drawing. The best part? You don’t have to do anything except complete your shift—we’ll take care of the rest! The grand prize winner will be announced in May.

*Price of car must not exceed $25,000 (excluding taxes and fees) and must be at a dealership local to you.
work win drive grand prize car illustration
Find your next job now and Work, Win, Drive in APRIL!  

2022 Winner’s Circle

Here are the outstanding associates and tradespeople who worked their way Winner’s Circle


New Car (Or Cash Equivalent)

William C. – Upland, CA (Branch #1539)

Week One Winners

First Place: $1000

Antoinette S. – Durham, NC (Branch #1295)
Michael O. – Cedar Rapids, IA (Branch #1874)
Eric T. – Washington, D.C. (Mid-Atlantic Service Center)

Second Place: $750

James C. – Modesto, CA (Branch #1589)
Jackie A. – Houston, TX (Dallas Service Center)
Tiffany W. – Garfield Heights, OH (Branch #1707)

Third Place: $500

Victor H. – Butler, PA (Branch #8064)
Justin G. – Everett, WA (Branch #0739)
Mark B. – Charlottesville, VA (Branch #8057)

Week TWO Winners

First Place: $1000

Robert S. – Springfield, MO (Branch #1133)
Isabella R.
– Tempe, AZ (Skilled Trades Service Center)
Keisha R.
Washington, D.C. (Mid-Atlantic Service Center)
Merciel G.
– Jersey City, NJ (Branch #1466)
Virgen R.
– Tempe, AZ (Branch #0992)
Bobby H.
– New Brunswick, NJ (Branch #1807)
Malik J.
– St. Louis, MO (Branch #1136)

Second Place: $750

Fritz B. – Pawtucket, RI (Branch #1861)
Gerald A. – Ft. Walton Beach, FL (Branch #2318)
Teddy D. – Daytona Beach, FL (Branch #1377)
Elex B. – South Miami, FL (Branch #1363)
Lonnell D. – Thornton, CO (Branch #1161)
Kyle P. – Hayward, CA (Branch #1502)
Tamya D. – Memphis, TN (Branch #2927)

Third Place: $500

Derrick W. – Cedar Falls, IA (Branch #1873)
Granville B. – Louisville, KY (Branch #1277)
Robert S. – Washington, D.C. (Mid-Atlantic Service Center)
Paul W. – Fort Myers, FL (Branch #1369)
Derrick B. – Florissant, MO (Branch #1138)
William V. – Bend, OR (Branch #1118)
Timothy O. – Atlanta, GA (Branch #3219)

Week THREE Winners

First Place: $1000

Criss C. – Las Vegas, NV (Branch #1145)
Diana D. – Kissimmee, FL (Branch #1358)
Lamont D. – Chicago, IL (Chicago Service Center)
Mitchell P. – San Bernardino, CA (Branch #1567)
Evette C. – Dallas, TX (Dallas Service Center)
Daniel S. – Albuquerque, NM (Branch #1215)
Michael C. – Lewiston, ME (Branch #2802)

Second Place: $750

William A. – Florissant, MO (Branch #1138)
Phillip S. – Hayward, CA (Branch #1502)
Valinda B. – Garfield Heights, OH (Branch #1707)
Taquansha J. – Portland, OR (Branch #1125)
Dakota E. – Laporte, IN (Branch #7302)
Donald C. – Corpus Christi, TX (Branch #1196)
Radcliffe M. – Plant City, FL (Branch #1346)

Third Place: $500

Shanta B. – St. Louis, MO (Branch #1136)
Benjamin G. – Oklahoma City, OK (Branch #1173)
Curtis M. – Cleveland, OH (Branch #1702)
Frank K. – St. Augustine, FL (Branch #2325)
Louis A. – Chelsea, MA (Branch #1827)
Viviana R. – Del Rio, TX (Branch #8032)
Kenny B. – Upland, CA (Branch #1539)

Week FOUR Winners

First Place: $1000

Ismael J. – Gainesville, FL (Branch #1343)
Shawn F. – Duluth, MN (Branch #2681)
Dominick V. – McAllen, TX (Branch #1415)
Dawan L. – Killeen, TX (Branch #2988)
Antonio W. – Cleveland, OH (Branch #3048)
Bria W. – N. Bergen, NJ (Branch #2814)
Delbert J. – Garfield Heights, OH (Branch #1707)

Second Place: $750

Charles W. – Monroe, LA (Branch #2591)
Austin M. – Westland, MI (Branch #1677)
David M. – Trenton, NJ (Branch #1806)
Linda C. – Pittsburgh, PA (Branch #1740)
Derall T. – Columbia, MO (Branch #1130)
Nikolas L. – Beaverton, OH (Branch #1126)
Brianne N. – Litchfield, MN (Branch #3422)

Third Place: $500

Joshua K. – Springfield, OR (Branch #2913)
Michael B. – Charlotte, NC (Branch #1290)
Alexander K. – Anchorage, AK (Branch #1886)
Shaun P. – Plant City, FL (Branch #1346)
Brooklyne B. – San Angelo, TX (Branch #1414)
Tom L. – Woodland Hills, CA (Branch #1526)
Tania T. – Gulfport, MS (Branch #1311)

Week FIVE Winners

First Place: $1000

Richard D. – Marlborough, MA (Branch #0782)
Patricia B. – Baton Rouge, LA (Branch #1243)
Usvaldo H. – Redlands, CA (Branch #1585)
Essence C. – Louisville, KY (Branch #1277)
Abel A. – Redwood City, CA (Branch #1021)
Christina R. – Allentown, PA (Branch #1742)

Second Place: $750

Zavier B. – Eu Claire, WI (Branch #3064)
Jessica L. – Sioux City, IA (Branch #1878)
Layne G. – Orlando, FL (Branch #7132)
Chris C. – Commerce, CA (Branch #1501)
Kym B. – Springfield, MA (Branch #1824)
Brandon A. – Kimberly Grove, NC (Branch #3307)

Third Place: $500

Sylvester J. – Tampa, FL (Branch #1350)
Hunter J. – St. Paul, MN (Branch #3401)
John A. – San Jose, CA (Branch #1505)
Ray B. – Southgate, CA (Branch #1576)
Landon G. – Tallahassee, FL (Branch #2333)
Jason R. – N. Austin, TX (Branch #1181)

Work, Win, Drive FAQs

Any associate that works a day for PeopleReady and/or PeopleReady Skilled Trades will be automatically entered into the Sweepstakes.

The Work, Win, Drive Sweepstakes is only open to associates and tradespeople in the U.S. (excluding Puerto Rico and all U.S. territories and possessions).

If you’re one of the daily cash prize winners, your prize will be added to an upcoming paycheck.

If you win the grand prize and choose the car, we’ll make arrangements to get your car to you!

No! PeopleReady is going to pay all taxes associated with the cash prizes and the car.

Since you showed up to work and it wasn’t your fault you got called off, you’ll still be entered in the day’s drawing.

Yes! You can win multiple times each week and over the course of the month! The more days you work, the more entries you’ll have. You receive one entry for each day worked.

The winners for the previous week will be announced every Friday. The grand prize winner will be announced in May.

Terms and Conditions

To learn more about the official rules and regulations for the April 2022 Work, Win Drive Sweepstakes, please read the Terms and Conditions.

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