How to Become a Production Worker

Manufacturing, warehouse and packaging jobs are in great demand due to the continued increase in online shopping. Here’s what you need to know about becoming a production worker including current production jobs available.

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Production Jobs

What you need to know about production manufacturing jobs

Manufacturing, warehouse and packaging jobs are in great demand are all across the country. Why is there a need for manufacturing workers? Mostly due to the increase in online shopping. Employers are seeking workers who can pack products to meet packaging standards and procedures while keeping production lines running and ensuring quality control.

In this article, the PeopleReady team shares what you need to know about becoming a production worker. This includes expected wages, duties and responsibilities, and career outlook. Plus, we tell you how you can find manufacturing production jobs with PeopleReady today!

Common questions that job seekers have about being a production worker

What is a manufacturing production worker?

A production worker, often referred to as a manufacturing worker, is someone employed in the manufacturing industry. Their primary role is to assist in the production process by assembling products, handling materials, operating machinery and performing other tasks to create goods or components.

What’s a manufacturing job that I might find in my area?

Manufacturing jobs vary depending on your location. In your area, you might come across positions such as manufacturing assemblers. Manufacturing assemblers are responsible for the assembly of various components and parts to create finished products. You might be involved in the production and assembly of various products, from automobiles to electronics.

Another example is quality control inspectors, who ensure that products meet quality and safety standards. As part of their role, they examine items for defects and may perform tests and measurements. This and other production jobs often require attention to detail and a commitment to producing quality work.

Where can I find a manufacturing worker job description?

You can find manufacturing worker job descriptions through multiple sources. Start by checking the websites of manufacturing companies in your area. Many of them will post their active job descriptions there.

Additionally, job search websites like LinkedIn feature job listings for manufacturing jobs. These will include detailed descriptions of the roles. You can also explore industry-specific organizations, local job boards and staffing agencies for more information on jobs in manufacturing.

How much does a manufacturing production worker make?

The answer depends on a variety of factors, such the candidate’s education, level of experience, location or industry.  Many job search websites and staffing agencies provide wages for specific job listings, which can help you get a better look at the potential for this role.

To help you get an idea of manufacturing wages, we did a little research for you. A production worker makes an average of $17.13 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Meanwhile, assemblers and fabricators make an average of $16.81 per hour.

What does someone do in a production worker job?

A production worker is responsible for helping assemble and prepare products for shipment. These workers serve manufacturing plants, warehouses and factories to help assemble products. They will also work closely with other production workers to check product quality and complete assembly tasks by set deadlines.

For instance, the duties of a manufacturing production worker might include:

  • Placing raw materials or products into manufacturing machines to aid the assembly process
  • Assembling goods on the production line
  • Packaging finished products and organizing them for shipment
  • Storing goods and raw materials properly in the warehouse

What skills and qualities do manufacturing and production jobs require?

Production workers require the physical ability to complete necessary job duties, which may include standing for long periods and lifting heavy objects. Meanwhile, they need attention to detail and the ability to follow direction, especially for assembly and packaging jobs.

If you are working in one of today’s manufacturing or warehouse jobs, project management and time management skills are also a great benefit. For a list of other skills that might come in handy, check out our article on soft skills you need to succeed in the workplace.

What qualifications do you need to be a production worker?

A minimum of a high school diploma is often required to work as a production worker. Many production workers will begin in an entry-level position before they transition into other roles. After a training period, they will work on a team under the direct supervision of a manager where they learn the processes of their employer and their particular role.

Also of note: Previous experience in a manufacturing environment may be preferred but is generally not necessary.

What is the job outlook for production jobs?

Employment in production jobs is projected to show little or no change over the next decade, according to the BLS. As of 2023, about 933,000 openings are projected each year, on average.

However, given the growth of online shopping, jobs will likely continue to rise in warehouses and distribution centers connected to major manufacturers and retailers. As much as one-third of total retail sales will be online by 2030, according to a recent report by A.T. Kearney.

Who hires manufacturing workers for production jobs?

Manufacturing workers for production jobs are hired by a variety of employers, including factories, manufacturing firms and industrial facilities. Construction companies also hire manufacturing workers for on-site tasks.

In addition, distribution centers and warehouses are recruiting for manufacturing workers for various responsibilities, including material handling and packaging.

How can I find a manufacturing warehouse near me that’s hiring?

To find a warehouse near you that’s hiring, start by doing an online job search. You might check out job search websites like LinkedIn or Indeed to search for jobs in your area. As you search, be sure to include keywords such “manufacturing production jobs,” “production manufacturing jobs” or “manufacturing assembler jobs” to view available listings.

You can also consider reaching out to local staffing agencies that specialize in warehouse staffing, manufacturing staffing or production worker staffing. They often have relationships with manufacturing firms and warehouses in your area and can help connect you with jobs that match your skills and schedule.

PeopleReady connects you with production, manufacturing and packaging jobs

To sum up, job seekers can find production worker jobs that fit their skills and schedule with PeopleReady. Here’s how to get a job in manufacturing: Our online job search tool along with our app, JobStack, give you instant access to manufacturing jobs. For example: forklift operators, sorters and assemblers, shipping and receiving workers, truck loaders and unloaders, and pickers and packers.

PeopleReady also has jobs available now in a wide range of industries, from events to hospitality to retail.

General labor jobs: Flaggers, stockers, cleanup crew members, inventory assistants, clerical and administrative workers

Construction jobs: Flaggers, traffic control tech, site maintenance workers, gatekeepers and janitorial crew members

Event jobs: Concession workers, bartenders, ticket takers, cleaning crew members, ushers

Hospitality jobs: Parking attendants, laundry attendants, bartenders, prep cooks and line cooks and concierges

Retail jobs: Cashiers, customer service representatives, inventory managers, merchandisers and package sorters

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