Let's talk trash.

PeopleReady provides one-third of the labor used by the biggest names in the waste hauling and recycling industry. Our team has knowledge of every aspect of your business because we’ve worked in the industry. Which is why we really know how to talk trash with our partners.

We provide the following workers:

  • Driver helpers
  • Sorters
  • Landfill (litter pickers)
  • Clerical workers
  • Mechanics

You might say we’re waste deep.

Waste and recycling is a core competency at PeopleReady that goes back more than 25 years. So, you need a crew that is hardworking, safety-trained and integrity-tested. We’ve made placing and managing your job orders easier with JobStack, our mobile and web app, which allows you to place orders for workers anytime, anywhere, 24/7. It’s an added benefit when you partner with PeopleReady.

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Your customers expect their garbage to be picked up on the appointed day. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your drivers show up or have the right experience. We take care of that for you.



PeopleReady understands the complexities of running a landfill. You need to stay informed on all the regulations while also keeping the site clean and maintained. We take care of your staffing needs so you can stay focused on other parts of your business.



Rules in the recycling industry are constantly changing – so much so that keeping up with them can be a full-time job. Our recycling team understands those regulations and how they affect your workforce. Working with us means your workers come with an understanding of the work at hand, including new rules.

PeopleReady works with most of the major waste and recycling companies to ensure they have a team in place to safely and efficiently pick up and dispose of waste. We take pride in providing a PeopleReady crew that will keep your waste and recycling operation productive, safe and compliant.

From machine operators and driver helpers to sorters and mechanics, PeopleReady can match your business needs with the right workers, whether it’s in the area of hauling trash or landfill operations. And the PeopleReady mobile and web app, JobStack, gives you even greater flexibility in the ability to place job orders and rate workers. JobStack allows you to reach our large pool of experienced and qualified workers, when and where you need them.

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