Why Cleaning Staffing Needs Are Growing More Than Ever

Cleaning staffing is in great demand because of higher safety expectations. Learn what cleaning services can do to help businesses create a safer environment.

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Staffing solutions for the future of the cleaning industry

With more customer activity on the horizon, businesses from restaurants to retail centers to hotels and resorts are using professional cleaning services to ensure the health and safety of guests and employees. Here we share how a cleaning staffing agency can provide these companies more support with qualified temp workers.

Prepare for increased customer safety expectations

While people are eager to return to their normal activities, they might still have some concerns about gathering in indoor spaces. In an American Cleaning Institute survey, most respondents said they expect to see businesses take extra cleaning and disinfecting measures in order to maintain a safe environment. These include:

  • Providing hand sanitizer (73%).
  • Frequent wipe-downs of surfaces (77%).
  • Signage of cleaning measures and regulations (53%).

In the past, cleaning largely happened behind the scenes. But now businesses need to be more transparent about their cleaning process. Professional cleaning helps them put their guests at ease and offer proof of cleaning in action. As a result, businesses can attract new customers and build customer loyalty.

Keep employees safe and satisfied with their workspace

Creating a safe environment is not just about the customer experience, but also about the health and safety of employees. In a Deloitte survey of consumers, 82% of respondents said that businesses willing to take extra steps to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees would make them more likely to visit in the future. Meanwhile, the survey explored the most important factors for employee satisfaction after COVID-19. The No. 1 answer: regular cleaning of equipment and shared spaces by a cleaning service.

Professional cleaning services help businesses create a safer work environment while reducing the spread of illness. When businesses keep their workspace clean, they let their staff know that they value their safety and performance.

Focus on the long-term future of their business

Businesses have continued to see larger crowds since the pandemic that require ramping up their cleaning efforts. But taking a DIY approach to cleaning often means that critical items are missed. For example: fingerprints on glass surfaces and dirt on hard floors.

One of the biggest ways cleaning services help businesses save time and provide peace of mind is by taking care of these daily cleaning tasks. Meanwhile, these cleaning services can also help protect some of their most valuable assets. That might include seating, flooring, equipment and more. As a result, businesses can extend the life of these assets and ensure a great customer experience now and for years to come.

Cleaning staffing support available now

The cleaning industry will grow 10% between 2020 and 2026, with a 6% year-over-year growth rate in new jobs (Reportlinker). Given a higher demand for cleaning services, many cleaning companies are operating despite being short-staffed. Industry estimates put the turnover rate in the cleaning industry anywhere between 75% and 200%.

When cleaning services need extra staff to support the businesses they serve, they can turn to a staffing agency for their cleaning staffing needs. These temporary staffing agencies feature experts at recruiting staff like housekeepers, janitors and other cleaning workers. They have easy, 24/7 access to cleaning and janitorial workers who are vetted and ready to work. This means they can get qualified workers on their job site fast.

With PeopleReady’s app, JobStack, you can place an order for cleaning workers and watch it get filled in real time. That even includes nights, weekends and holidays! PeopleReady partners with you for all your housekeeper and janitor staffing needs.

Have cleaning staffing needs?

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