Flexible Jobs to Help You Erase Holiday Debt

Half of Americans are expected to go into some form of debt during the holiday season. If you’re in need of extra work, we share part-time and temporary jobs to help you pay off debt quickly.

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Best seasonal jobs

Find seasonal jobs that fit your interests and your schedule with PeopleReady

Fifty percent of Americans say they are planning on going into debt to pay for gifts during the holidays. Many people take part-time or temporary jobs to make extra money to reduce or pay off holiday debts. PeopleReady shares our list of the most in-demand jobs available now for eager job seekers through our website and on our app, JobStack.

Entertainment and event workers

No matter the event, entertainment venues want high-energy workers with good customer service skills who can perform under pressure. If you enjoy being in the center of the action, event jobs are for you. Common roles include cleaning crew members, parking lot attendants, ushers and ticket takers. Check out our list of event jobs available with PeopleReady!

Food servers and bartenders

Working in food service is one of the most common ways for people to pick up some extra money at any time of year. Food and beverage attendants, including waiters and bartenders, are in demand right now. People in these roles are an essential part of the dining experience. Depending on the establishment’s tip-out structure and your specific role, tips and gratuities can help pay off your debts sooner.

Hotel, resort and hospitality workers

Right after the holiday season, there is a surge in demand for hospitality workers in many different settings. From front desk support and concierges to restaurant servers and catering assistants, hotels, resorts and entertainment venues seek more workers to ensure seamless operations and great guest experiences during their busiest times.

Food warehouse workers or delivery assistants

Delivery and curbside pickup options continue to gain in popularity. That means added demand for personal grocery shoppers and delivery drivers who can ensure that grocery orders are correct and that customers receive their food and refreshments on time. As a result, grocery delivery assistant ranks among the most in-demand temporary jobs. Meanwhile, many grocers and food service companies have added warehouses, distribution centers and other facilities to keep up with the growth of online grocery shopping. These locations require pickers, packers, inventory assistants and other workers.

Retail sales associates

Working as a cashier or customer service representative for one of today’s retailers can be another easy way to bring in money. In fact, part-time retail jobs might be more available after the holiday season. That’s because most seasonal workers have returned to their regular jobs or moved on to other opportunities. While the duties may differ depending on the establishment, retail and customer service jobs offer an opportunity to develop your soft skills, benefitting you throughout your career.

Warehouse associates

There could be as many as 2.1 million unfilled manufacturing jobs in the U.S. by 2030, according to the National Association of Manufacturing. There’s an urgent need for workers now across a variety of manufacturing and warehouse roles. Depending on your goals, warehousing jobs can be a reliable source of extra income or a stepping stone to a new career in leadership or management. Entry-level warehouse associates are tasked with processing shipments, scanning barcodes, labeling and inspecting items, and updating and managing inventory.

PeopleReady and our job search app, JobStack, provide access to flexible jobs

PeopleReady helps match job seekers with part-time and temporary jobs to meet their needs. These work opportunities can help pay off student loans and holiday debts, act as a stop-gap after a sudden job loss, or provide extra financial security.

PeopleReady’s website or our 24/7 app, JobStack, are the perfect way to get fast access to jobs all year round. You can work flexible jobs and temp jobs that fit your routine, providing both work-life balance and extra income. We offer a variety of jobs in numerous industries, including:

  • Retail
  • Food service
  • Hospitality
  • Warehousing
  • Customer service
  • And more

Looking for flexible jobs?

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