The Power of Partnering With a Warehouse Staffing Agency

The warehousing industry is projected to see record growth over the next decade. See how you can make hiring for your warehouse jobs that much easier by partnering with a warehouse staffing agency.

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Job growth in the warehouse industry will outpace that of most other industries over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a result, manufacturing and retail companies throughout the U.S. are already experiencing higher demand due to growth in e-commerce and other factors. In an effort to ramp up their hiring and recruiting efforts, many companies are partnering with warehouse staffing agencies like PeopleReady for their warehouse staffing solutions.  

Never worked with a warehouse staffing agency before? Our team at PeopleReady shares some of the benefits you can expect from this partnership.  

The benefits of working with a warehouse staffing agency 

A seamless warehouse hiring process from start to finish  

During busy seasons or unexpected spikes in business, you need workers quickly. However, according to LinkedIn, the hiring process takes 42 days on average, a considerable delay that can make meeting your immediate staffing needs difficult.  

Fortunately, warehouse staffing agencies maintain a strong network of candidates who have been vetted to confirm their skills and experience. These efforts help fill open roles that much faster, saving you time in recruiting and screening and connecting you with the warehouse staffing solutions you need when you need them most. 

Convenient access to a wider pool of warehouse workers 

The location of your warehouse matters. Certain areas of the country may lack a large number of job seekers actively seeking work while others may face stiff competition from employers across a variety of industries. Either way, this can prolong your search for reliable workers and prevent your projects from moving forward.  

This is where an experienced staffing agency can step in and be a valuable resource for your recruiting efforts. Their team has spent years developing relationships with local schools, community groups and business organizations. Their connections make it much easier for them to provide consistent access to a broader network of candidates.  

Specialized warehouse staffing expertise  

If you’ve ever sought out support from a staffing agency, you’ve likely noticed that there are plenty of warehouse staffing services available. However, many of these agencies won’t have industry experience or know what skills to look for in warehouse workers. Unfortunately, this can limit the quality of applicants they recommend.  

Partnering with a specialized warehouse staffing agency will likely produce better results for your business. With years of experience in warehouse staffing, their team of staffing experts will understand the specific requirements of the industry. This will help them match you with workers who have what it takes to succeed on the job.  

Flexibility and scalability for your staffing plan 

Many factors, such as economic uncertainty or unexpected employee absences, can change your workforce needs in an instant. When changes like this happen, it can be difficult to determine exactly how many workers you need and when. 

A staffing agency will help you build a flexible staffing plan where you can adjust your workforce size according to your needs. By providing workers open to flexible work arrangements, they ensure you have the necessary workforce in place — be it for a week, the length of a single project or throughout your busy season.  

Warehouse staffing solutions for multiple locations 

Overseeing warehouse management across multiple locations can be a complex task. This responsibility only becomes more difficult when you consider the different markets each warehouse operates in.  

If you have multiple warehouse locations, you should prioritize working with a staffing agency that offers national service. Such agencies possess the resources and connections necessary to deliver warehouse staffing services to all your warehouses. Plus, they stay updated on hiring trends in your communities and tailor their solutions to each one you serve.  

Reduced workforce turnover to ensure consistent results 

The warehouse industry has an annual turnover rate that exceeds the national average of 3.6%, notes the BLS. Several factors contribute to this high turnover, including tight deadlines and physically demanding work, that may not suit everyone. To find workers who are well-suited for these roles, it’s crucial to employ effective recruitment strategies to attract and retain top talent. 

Fortunately, a staffing agency can provide warehouse staffing solutions that help you build and maintain a full workforce. They identify workers who are suited for the job and aligned with your culture. This also helps ease the pressure on your entire team, contributing to enhanced retention efforts overall. 

Reinforcements for your warehouse safety efforts 

In warehouse settings, maintaining safety protocols is critical to minimize potential hazards and ensure the protection of workers from accidents and injuries. So, a staffing agency should prioritize safety as much as your company does.  

The right one for you will have its own Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) and mandate safety assessments for workers. These measures demonstrate their dedication to a safe workplace environment. Meanwhile, the staffing agency can supply essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to all their workers, ensuring compliance with safety regulations on every job. 

Fewer administrative tasks to fulfill warehouse hiring needs 

No matter the environment, you need your warehouse workers to hit the ground running. However, while they’re part of your team, there are many administrative duties that need attention. Ensuring these tasks are handled efficiently is crucial to maintain smooth operations. 

When you partner with a staffing agency, they can reduce your workload by managing tasks such as payroll and tax reporting. With a staffing agency handling these responsibilities, you’ll be free to focus on other important business matters. 

Reduced compliance risk when hiring warehouse workers 

Regardless of the roles you need to fill, the hiring process always carries certain risks. This includes ensuring compliance with local and federal labor laws and employment regulations. In fact, the increasing number of employee misclassification cases has created issues for many employers. 

This is yet another area where a staffing agency can provide valuable support for your company. They can help you avoid potential financial and legal repercussions by taking on the compliance tasks for you and ensuring each worker is properly classified.  

Looking for warehouse staffing solutions? Reach out to PeopleReady 

If you need workers for your warehouse, PeopleReady has warehouse staffing solutions that are just right for you. Whether you need to hire manufacturing workers, hire shipping and receiving workers, or hire production workers, we can provide workers across a variety of roles.   

Our warehousing and manufacturing staffing services are available in hundreds of communities throughout the U.S. With our dedicated support team and our JobStack app, you always have the support you need. For more on hiring warehouse workers, check out our locations page to get started.   

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