The Key to Staffing Success in 2024

With the new year comes new hiring challenges, and it’s crucial that your staffing plan can keep up. See insights and strategies for new year staffing.

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As we step into the new year, the hiring market is putting pressure on employers across a wide range of industries. That’s why PeopleReady is here to share our list of strategies to guarantee you have the workforce you need for 2024. Read on to learn the secret to success in your new year hiring efforts.

How to build the right new year staffing plan

Consider flexible work arrangements

According to a Randstad study, more workers than ever are searching for jobs that offer flexible work arrangements. Unfortunately, few blue-collar jobs currently provide staffing flexibility that fits their needs. Offering shift work, self-scheduling hours or flextime can help your business stand out and attract more applicants to your open roles.

Flexible work arrangements also have the benefit of improving the work-life balance of your current team members, reducing their stress levels and boosting productivity.

Create a positive work environment

A LinkedIn study notes that 60% of job seekers value a positive work environment more than a salary increase. The study also notes that a good company culture can improve work performance and retention rates.

So, how do you maintain a positive work environment? It starts with keeping employees engaged and ensuring strong communication at all times. When workers feel supported and have opportunities to share their ideas, it makes them feel like an important piece of the puzzle. Plus, it’s no secret that motivated, involved employees tend to be more loyal to their company.

Offer rewards and incentives

When you acknowledge and reward your best workers, it shows how much you value them and makes them want to keep doing a good job. This helps create an environment where everyone works hard and stays committed to the task at hand.

Acknowledging your workers could be as simple as regular check-ins to ensure that their concerns are heard. Employee recognition programs can help shine a spotlight on your top-performing workers and boost team morale. Additionally, offering rewards and incentives, like free meals and gift cards, is a great way to show you care.

Look for soft skills in your future workers

Hiring workers with strong soft skills, such as communication and teamwork skills, is increasingly important in today’s business world. As soft skills become more and more crucial, candidates who excel in these areas will stand out as the best choices for your open roles.

Your job listings should clearly outline the specific skills that your workers need. Meanwhile, a thorough vetting process, including interviews and reference checks with previous employers, can be valuable in assessing the capabilities and culture fit of your applicants. As a result, you significantly increase your chances of finding the right workers.

Provide educational opportunities to your team

Training and development programs ensure your employees can adapt to new ways of working. They also boost workforce morale and retention rates. In fact, according to a recent SHRM study, 76% of employees say they are more likely to join and remain with a company that offers training and education opportunities.

Upskilling or reskilling programs are a way to invest in your workforce so that you create a sense of loyalty and commitment in your team members. These programs can have a number of benefits for your company.

Upskilling: Upskilling involves providing training and education that can help your workers perform better in their current roles. This puts them in a position for future success as they gain confidence and feel more capable of getting the job done.

Reskilling: Reskilling is the process of teaching or training your workers new skills or abilities to account for changing business needs or advances in technology. Their newly acquired skills can help them adapt to your business needs, especially as the world of work continues to change.

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Why staffing flexibility is the secret to success in 2024

In an uncertain economy, flexibility is your secret to staying ahead. Why? A flexible staffing model lets you adjust your workforce based on changing demands.

If you’ve never used a flexible staffing model before, here are some of the benefits:

Greater adaptability

Staffing flexibility allows you to scale your workforce up or down depending on a variety of factors — for example, peak seasons, last-minute projects or an increase in orders. Whether it’s for a day, a week or even longer, you’ll always have the workforce you need.

Reduced stress among your workforce

Getting extra help during your busiest times doesn’t just lighten the workload for your permanent, full-time workers. When there are enough workers to get the job done, it helps prevent overtime and hectic schedules, which can reduce stress and enhance their overall well-being.

Access to a larger pool of qualified workers

Job seekers greatly value flexible work arrangements, but many blue-collar industries have yet to adopt them. Implementing a flexible staffing approach can attract job seekers who are more likely to stay with your company in the long term.

Potential long-term staffing solutions

Flexible hiring gives you the chance to determine if workers would be a good fit for long-term positions. If a permanent role opens up, you’ll have access to workers who are familiar with your company’s operations. As a result, they will be more capable of performing well.

PeopleReady supports your new year hiring needs

The right staffing plan can make all the difference for your company’s success in 2024 and beyond. If you need help with your new year hiring efforts, a staffing agency could be just the answer you need.

At PeopleReady, our staffing experts in 600-plus communities across North America can work with you to create a customized staffing plan. We offer convenient access to workers across a wide range of industries, including:

  • Construction staffing
  • Events staffing
  • Hospitality staffing
  • Facility services staffing
  • Manufacturing staffing
  • Retail staffing

Need new year hiring support?

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