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You’ve worked hard at your skill

The marine industry is a highly demanding space that demands a unique type of worker with a specialized skill set. From shipbuilding and repair to ports and terminals – you have the talent, work ethic, and skills that marine companies need. We work with some of the largest companies to ensure we match you precisely with the job needed.

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We need on-demand skills in:

  • Welders
  • Shipfitters
  • Marine electricians
  • Gangmen
  • Forklift operator

Work when you want to.

Marine industry jobs require workers with special qualifications and a deep understanding of their craft, and that finding the right job fit is important to you. We make taking job assignments even easier with JobStack, our mobile app, bringing you job flexibility on your terms. It’s an added benefit when you join the PeopleReady team.

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“Middle-skilled jobs are a big opportunity.”

There’s a big demand for talented skilled industrial workers, yet the job demand is heavier than the available worker supply. Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, machine operators, CDL drivers – if you have the skills, it’s a great time to be you.

Read why middle-skilled jobs will continue to be the in-demand job category

PeopleReady is dedicated to providing a qualified and skilled workforce to the marine industry. We know what it takes to have a successful and safe experience and career in the areas of shipbuilding and repair and ports and terminals.

From welders and shipfitters to gangmen and forklift drivers, PeopleReady can match you with marine industry jobs in a wide range of companies. And the PeopleReady mobile app, JobStack, gives you even greater flexibility in choosing the right job for yourself, when you need to pick up work. Whether you’re looking for a job repairing ships or working the docks offloading cargo ships, PeopleReady is where you want to maximize your skills in the marine industry.