8 Traits That Hospitality Workers Need to Succeed

In the hospitality industry, attention to detail and excellent customer service are vital. See how your business can find the right workers to get the job done.

The hospitality industry is full of intricate details that only those in that world of work may truly understand the importance of. From anticipating guests’ needs -sometimes even before meeting them- to noticing the minutiae that turn a good experience to a great one, hospitality demands workers with a particular set of skills to create experiences a cut above the rest. While it can seem difficult to find people with the right skills and personality to do well in your business, years of expertise in staffing has allowed us insight into certain qualities in a worker that help them stand out.

With a wide-reaching number of jobs available in hospitality from cooking, hosting, and management to cleaning, spa therapy, and booking, there are many roles you’ll want to fill with stellar talent, specific to your customers’ and business needs. PeopleReady recommends that you keep an eye out for these particular characteristics, especially when testing temporary workers for permanent positions:


As you know, a career in hospitality can be extremely rewarding with great relationships, strong team camaraderie, and an environment you’d never call boring. It can, however, be taxing. With a constant rotation of customer demands, service required at all hours, and the shifting emotions of so many people, you’ll want to find someone committed to their work and results. An employee who finds enjoyment in the challenge is someone you want to hang on to.

Communication Skills

A key to success in the hospitality business is excellent communication. Those who can communicate well with guests and customers, not only conveying the necessary information but creating a welcoming and friendly space can make all the difference when hoping to attract repeat customers. Strong communication skills translate into positive customer experiences, but also into your internal team.


Someone may come to you without previous experience in hospitality, but they can often make up for it with their high level of positivity. Whether learning a new booking system, prepping a kitchen, or introducing guests to their room, a positive attitude and enthusiasm to get things done make the stresses that can come much more manageable and translates to a better customer experience. Every industry has frustrating times, but how each employee handles those moments can make or break a situation.


When supporting and serving customers, your team needs to be able to shift gears quickly. The ability to adapt at the drop of a hat requires flexibility from your team. In scheduling, job duties, and expectations- it’s a game-changer when someone can go with the flow and still remain focused and hard-working. Flexibility can work to the benefit of you and your workers, though, as a majority of modern workers value flexibility and ownership of their own time over benefits, permanency, and even pay.


Hospitality workers face an ongoing list of tasks every day, so staying organized and multi-tasking are key characteristics for successful employees in this business. These two skills go hand-in-hand: If someone can organize their schedule and tasks well, they will likely be able to get a lot more done, efficiently and effectively. It’s also just as important that you organize your team well so that each individual is able to perform their best within their role.


The best members in hospitality know how to work well alongside others and contribute as part of a team. The many moving parts and mix if personalities and people in most realms of hospitality requires an others-focused mindset and respectful awareness of others: their feelings, opinions, and even cultures.


Because your guests, customers, and clients expect exceptional experiences, each one of your employees should understand the value of creating an atmosphere that meets expectations. Missing even one small detail can throw off that entire atmosphere: something some may see as a small problem – like a hair on a plate, towel on the floor, or a leaf of cilantro- could turn a loyal customer guest into a dissatisfied customer.


Leadership doesn’t always mean being the highest job title or the loudest voice. Instead; it requires someone who can take control of a situation, align with their team, and provide guidance, support, and mentorship, all while delivering the services your business promises.

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