Why a Manufacturing Staffing Agency Recommends Temp-to-Hire Workers

Temp-to-hire staffing continues to be a valuable asset for today’s manufacturing companies. Explore the three key benefits of using temp-to-hire workers here.

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Temp-to-hire staffing benefits for manufacturing firms

A recent National Association of Manufacturers survey found that 60% of manufacturing leaders say they expect more full-time hiring over the next year. Therefore, manufacturers can’t afford to move slowly on hiring and miss out on prime candidates. One of the best ways to hire faster is using temporary workers who have the potential to be converted into full-time employees. In this article, we’ll share the three key benefits of temp-to-hire workers for your manufacturing company. Plus, see how a manufacturing staffing agency helps you connect with top job candidates.

Close the skills gap with access to qualified workers

In Deloitte’s “2021 Manufacturing Industry Outlook” report, 28% of industry executives identify “upskilling workers” and “building new skills to match evolving work environments” as top challenges. Manufacturing jobs now are more technical and demanding. Unfortunately, there aren’t always enough workers with the right education and training. An increase in retirements and career transitions from the blue-collar workforce only adds to the skills shortage.

Temp-to-hire workers are able to plug these skills gaps and meet short-term demand. Because they work on a trial basis, you get a chance to see firsthand their skills as well as their work ethic and personality. Having a manufacturing staffing agency in your corner makes the process easier by helping you narrow your search and hand-pick candidates who meet your specific requirements. They know the industry and how to identify top skills. For example, the ability to use new technology or operate machinery and equipment.

Shorten the hiring process when staffing for future growth

Many manufacturing sectors are seeing spikes in demand right now. For example:

  • Construction and housing: The housing market boom—a result of supply shortages and lower mortgage rates—has increased demand for many manufacturers who provide building materials and supplies (Construction Dive).
  • E-commerce: U.S. e-commerce sales were expected to total about $1.050 billion in 2022, an 9% increase over 2021. This puts extra demand on the supply chain as retailers look to shorten delivery times and enhance customer service (eMarketer).
  • Other sectors with strong growth prospects this year include medical devices, communications equipment, and electronics (McKinsey).

If your business is expecting rapid growth or looking to expand, adding to your team is the natural next step. But the average time it takes to hire a full-time employee is almost a month, according to Fast Company. In manufacturing, it might take even longer because of the nature of the work.

Bringing on temp-to-hire workers with support from a manufacturing staffing agency allows your business to staff up more quickly. A staffing agency has direct access to a large pool of workers in your area who are ready to work immediately. As a result, they broaden your candidate search into nearby communities and connect you with the best candidates for your open roles.

Save money and avoid costly hiring risks

No matter your sector, a temp-to-hire approach can provide your business greater flexibility as you pursue your future goals. They also help your business save on upfront costs and cut expenses like overtime because you’re short-staffed. These temp workers start out on the agency’s payroll. Then, if they meet your expectations, they are moved onto your payroll after a certain period of time.

There are many hidden costs of manufacturing recruiting, especially the time and resources it takes to find and hire new employees. Unlike direct hiring, using a manufacturing staffing agency means that you have a team behind you. They can take care of the whole recruiting process: sourcing, screening, interviewing and checking references. When a staffing agency connects you with the best candidates the first time around, it boosts productivity and decreases your turnover rate. Above all, a shorter, more efficient hiring process keeps your projects moving along on schedule.

Manufacturing staffing agency services available with PeopleReady

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