Retail Staffing Strategies to Take Your Business to the Next Level 

Consumer shopping habits have changed in the past year, including more online shopping and curbside pickup and delivery. These retail staffing strategies can help you continue to provide excellent customer service.

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retail staffing Strategies

Tips to ensure retail staffing success for your retail business

Today’s consumers continue to mix and match buying in-person and online. More than one in five (22%) of shoppers plan an in-store shopping trip combined with a prior online order, according to a 2022 Nielsen survey. As a result, retail businesses need workers who are dedicated to keeping these customers happy throughout their shopping journey. You can ensure excellent customer service for your business by partnering with a retail staffing company. Here are four reasons why partnering with a staffing company can lead to greater success.

Capitalize on the growing popularity of e-commerce as a retail staffing strategy

A National Retail Federation survey also noted that in the past year, 50% of consumers have ordered products online that they would normally purchase at the store. E-commerce continues to play a bigger role throughout the retail industry during the holidays and other seasonal periods. And poor delivery service and order fulfillment issues can result in lost customers and decreased sales.

If you expect greater seasonal demand for e-commerce in your business, your staffing company can fill key roles. For example: shippers, stockers, order fillers, pickers and packers. This will ensure that your products are handled properly and that your customers receive the correct items on time. Partnering with a staffing company helps you adjust your staffing levels for your current needs and solves the problem of being short-staffed.

Fill a variety of jobs that require different skill sets and retail talent

For your retail business, it helps to have convenient, 24/7 access to all types of retail staff in one place — including warehouse workers, merchandisers and cashiers. And, if you need shifts covered the next day, you should be able to request workers quickly.

Having a staffing agency in your corner, especially one with a full-service mobile app, can make this happen more easily. This partnership will provide you broad network of candidates with a wide range of skills. An app also sets you up for greater success. How? It puts you in total control of your entire staffing process.

Create an excellent in-store experience for your guests

Even with the rise in e-commerce, retailers are still seeing most of their revenue come from their store locations. Major U.S.-headquartered retailers announced more than 7,800 new store openings in 2022, according to the National Retail Federation. Retail staff for these stores such as merchandisers, store update assistants, and furniture and product assemblers are all essential. They can often encourage your shoppers to make more purchases and generate enormous goodwill for your brand.

That’s why you want a retail staffing company that can connect you with associates who know their way around your sales floor. These staffing experts make the most of their local expertise and their relationships in your community to attract the best talent who will represent your brand well. Partnering with one staffing agency that provides both e-commerce and in-store workers makes your staffing process even more convenient.

Experience an easier retail staffing process with PeopleReady

Finding, interviewing and hiring workers for your business takes time away from serving your customers. There are skills tests, background checks and onboarding tasks which need taken care of. But what if you were able to request workers and have your order filled right away?

With a staffing company, you don’t need to worry about managing a complex hiring process. They are home to an active roster of available candidates with a variety of backgrounds who have already been vetted for the skills and experience your business needs. That means they’ll be ready to get started right away.

Partnering with PeopleReady for your retail staffing needs helps you create a great online or in-store experience for your customers. And our app, JobStack, lets you book staff anywhere at any time via your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Get retail staffing support today!

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