Manufacturing Recruiting Strategies to Find the Next Generation of Manufacturing Workers

The manufacturing industry faces a growing labor shortage due to retirements and high turnover. Check out our guide on manufacturing recruiting so you can more easily find manufacturing workers for your company.

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Recruiting for manufacturing: How to find manufacturing workers for your company

Retirements and labor shortages may cause about 1.9 million manufacturing jobs to be unfilled by 2033, according to a recent Deloitte study. As a result, manufacturers in a variety of sectors are exploring different ways of attracting and retaining the next generation of workers. In this article, we share manufacturing recruiting strategies that can help expand your workforce and encourage business growth.

6 tips for attracting and recruiting manufacturing workers

Manufacturing facilities vary in their hiring requirements, but there are proven strategies to make manufacturing recruiting easier. Here are some ways you attract a larger pool of applicants for your open roles:

Highlight the use of cutting-edge technology

Automated processes — like robotics and computer numerical control (CNC) machining — have replaced some of the manual work involved with the manufacturing industry. This shift appeals to Gen Z workers who seek opportunities to use advanced technology on the job. Embracing and promoting your use of modern tools can serve as a magnet for potential applicants.

Showcase your company’s career advancement opportunities

A majority of manufacturing workers are looking for ways to advance their careers in the industry, according to a report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. When crafting your job postings, be sure to include information about your company’s growth and development opportunities. By doing so, you’ll attract the attention of workers who are eager to make a lasting difference in their work.

Share information on skills and training development initiatives

One of the best ways to create career advancement opportunities is to collaborate with local trade schools or community colleges. Many educational institutions offer specialized courses or certification programs that teach workers skills they need to succeed. Showcasing these opportunities available to your workers ensures a qualified manufacturing workforce while fostering loyalty and dedication among your team.

Offer flexible work arrangements when possible

The current generation of job seekers prioritizes a better work-life balance, which is why more companies are now offering flexible staffing options. Flexible schedules aid in recruiting and hiring manufacturing workers and contribute to fostering a better work-life balance for your team. Providing this opportunity ensures that your workers will arrive ready to give their best efforts, which can improve productivity and promote long-term employee retention.

Promote a positive work environment

Promoting a positive work environment helps attract candidates by showcasing your company as an appealing place to work. This signals to potential hires that their contributions will be valued and appreciated. As a result, candidates are more likely to apply for your open roles.

Simplify the hiring process for all applicants

Simplifying the hiring process is key to creating a great candidate experience. After all, 60% of job seekers abandon applications if they’re too long or complex. When your hiring process is more straightforward, you’ll be able to attract top candidates who can contribute to your company right away.

6 places where you can find manufacturing workers to hire

Having a variety of recruitment methods can make it easier to hire manufacturing workers for your specific needs. Below we share our tips on where to find manufacturing workers across a wide range of roles:

Create an employee referral program

Employee referrals serve as one of the most effective methods for sourcing candidates. You might also encourage your current employees to share positive reviews on employer review sites. These efforts expand your recruiting pool and help demonstrate that you value the perspective of your team.

Rely on your local connections

Your local community connections can be pivotal in attracting prospective workers. Building and nurturing strong relationships within the community, you expand your network, consistently drawing in potential employees over time. These connections strengthen your candidate pipeline and contribute to the overall growth of your business within the community.

Build relationships with educational institutions

Partnering with local vocational programs, trade schools and community colleges offers an excellent opportunity to recruit manufacturing workers. By tapping into these educational institutions, you can connect with students and recent graduates who possess the necessary training and expertise in manufacturing job skills.

Attend manufacturing events in your local area

Local manufacturing events provide valuable opportunities to connect with professionals in the industry and expand your network. By attending seminars, workshops or conventions, you can engage with industry experts and gain insights into current trends and best practices. These events also serve as ideal platforms for identifying potential hires who are actively involved in the manufacturing industry.

Advertise your manufacturing jobs on social media channels

As previously mentioned, the retirement of experienced workers in manufacturing makes it crucial to hire younger workers to take their place. One of the most powerful ways to reach today’s job seekers is through social media, with 73% of workers between 18 and 34 finding their most recent job through these platforms. Growing your online presence on these platforms can help make your manufacturing recruiting efforts that much easier.

Partner with a leading manufacturing staffing agency

To further support their manufacturing recruiting efforts, many companies are now partnering with a manufacturing staffing agency. Manufacturing staffing agencies possess considerable resources and industry connections, which helps with recruiting qualified candidates for open roles. Not only that, but staffing agencies also provide additional staffing services that offer valuable support to manufacturing employers, including tax reporting and payroll administration as well as legal and compliance support.

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