JobStack Success Story: Luxury Resort & Spa

JobStack Success Story: Luxury Resort & Spa

When a luxury resort and spa needed essential frontline workers for business-critical roles, they partnered with PeopleReady to fill open positions quickly with dependable housekeeping, restaurant and janitorial workers.

  • 74%

    of shifts filled through JobStack

  • 150+

    JobStack orders filled monthly

  • 540

    JobStack shifts filled monthly

  • 5

    PeopleReady associates converted from part-time to full-time status


  • Company:

    Luxury Resort and Spa
  • Industry:

  • Location(s):

    Ojai, California
  • # Shifts Filled:

  • Job Type(s):

    Dishwashers, housekeepers and janitors

JobStack Expands Hospitality Company’s Ability to Source Workers


The hospitality company struggled to find dishwashers, housekeepers and janitors due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the workforce. Without sufficient staff, their ability to provide their patrons with world-class service, especially during peak times, was compromised. Unable to secure workers for these vital roles, the hospitality company needed a staffing solution focused on hiring speed and agility to improve their ability to fill key open positions. The hospitality company engaged PeopleReady to streamline staffing processes and provide robust support across two departments to start: restaurant and housekeeping.


To streamline staffing across the two departments, PeopleReady set up hiring managers with the JobStack app. JobStack allows the hospitality company’s housekeeping team to submit worker hours along with performance ratings, which allows them to invite their favorite workers back — an essential feature given their stringent requirements.

Meanwhile, the hospitality company’s restaurant team utilizes JobStack to source extra dishwashers whenever they’re needed. The restaurant team nearly always works with PeopleReady through JobStack, preferring to submit orders and invite top-performing PeopleReady associates back through the app because it’s so convenient.


By engaging PeopleReady and leveraging JobStack, the hospitality company was able to fill their staffing needs quickly — and they eventually hired five associates for full-time positions. Moreover, JobStack simplified their staffing processes by putting hospitality workers within reach through one easy-to-use app. As a result, the hospitality company enjoys a seamless staffing experience with one timekeeping and payroll system for greater efficiency across multiple departments and hiring managers. On average, the hospitality company fills approximately 540 shifts, or about 74% of their total shifts, through JobStack on a monthly basis.

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