Craft Brewery Distills Success in Staffing with JobStack

Since partnering with PeopleReady and joining our app, JobStack, Dogfish Head Brewery has strengthened its workforce and found easier ways to produce and deliver beer to their customers nationwide.


Dogfish Head Brewery based in Milton, Delaware, was acquired by Boston Beer Company in 2019. Shortly after the acquisition, Dogfish began using PeopleReady for their staffing needs, and their managers and supervisors quickly became comfortable working with their local PeopleReady representative to request staff. However, an uptick in production in early 2021 meant that Dogfish required even more staff than usual. They were looking for about 40 assembly workers each day who would work on their canning, bottling and stacking lines.


Armed with additional resources from Boston Beer Company, Dogfish made a couple of important staffing changes to attract more workers: raising regular wages and switching from 12-hour shifts to 8-hour shifts. Their PeopleReady representative also convinced them to start using PeopleReady’s staffing app, JobStack, to find these extra workers. JobStack allowed them to post jobs, plan upcoming shifts and submit hours. They could also use the app to keep track of workers and which bottling line they’d be working on.

Dogfish managers and supervisors particularly enjoyed JobStack’s rating feature. With this feature, they could rate workers and retain top performers for future shifts. Meanwhile, those who received lower ratings were given the opportunity to have discussions with their manager about ways in which they could improve.


In the past six months, about a dozen Dogfish managers and supervisors have started using JobStack. They especially appreciate the ease of communication within the app along with their ability to connect with workers at all times. For example, when a shipment gets delayed and they need to cancel a shift, JobStack makes it easy for them to contact all of their associates at once. Meanwhile, staffing experts at their local PeopleReady branches are always recruiting new people. That way, they can provide workers quickly when Dogfish opens a new bottling line or an employee calls in sick.

Since partnering with PeopleReady, Dogfish has hired around 15 PeopleReady workers as full-time employees. And by joining JobStack, they continue to find easier ways to produce and deliver great-tasting beer to their customers nationwide.

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