How to Become a Retail Merchandiser

Looking for fun part-time retail jobs hiring right now in your area? Retail merchandiser jobs might be the perfect opportunity for you to grow your retail career.

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Info on retail merchandiser jobs in your area

Looking for fun part-time retail jobs hiring right now in your area? Retail merchandiser jobs might be the perfect opportunity for you to grow your career in retail. Retail merchandisers are in charge of organizing visually appealing displays of products. Also, they will answer customer questions and help make sales. Below we share what you need to know about becoming a retail merchandiser, including wages, general duties and career outlook — as well as retail jobs hiring right now.

What is a retail merchandiser?

A retail merchandiser is responsible for arranging products in retail stores and helping to create visually appealing displays to attract customers and boost sales.

How much do retail merchandising jobs near me pay?

The median hourly wage for retail salespersons was $13.02 in May 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In general, retail merchandisers make a similar wage in most retail stores hiring. However, retail merchandising salaries and wages may vary depending on location and work setting. Wages for retail jobs tend to be higher in major metropolitan areas like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Dallas, Houston and Baltimore compared to smaller cities.

What does a retail merchandiser do?

Retail merchandisers work in a variety of businesses including stores, malls, gift shops and other locations. Also, retail merchandiser duties depending on their work setting. For example:

  • Building displays in windows and interiors of retail stores
  • Assisting in maintaining the stock room
  • Helping to set up displays within the store
  • Maintaining business tidiness and appearance by keeping the area cleaned and organized
  • Increasing in-store sales and directing customers to merchandise

What are the most important retail merchandiser skills?

Above all, retail merchandisers need great attention to detail and organizational skills to succeed in this role. Strong communication skills and a positive attitude help them meet customer needs and maintain relationships with other members of the retail staff. Meanwhile, retail merchandisers should demonstrate solid product knowledge so that they can answer customer questions.

What qualifications do you need for a retail merchandising job?

Typically, there are no formal education requirements for merchandisers. However, some employers prefer applicants who have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Most workers receive on-the-job training, which lasts anywhere from few days to a few months. Training for retail workers often includes topics such as customer service, security, policies and procedures, and basic operations. Because providing exceptional service to customers is a priority for many employers, employees often receive periodic training to update and refine their skills.

What is the job outlook for a retail merchandiser?

Overall employment of retail sales workers is projected to show little or no change from 2020 to 2030, according to the BLS. About 594,400 openings for retail sales workers are projected each year, on average, over the decade.

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