We'll ensure smooth sailing for you.

When it comes to the marine industry, it’s all about transporting cargo and keeping it moving. And the center of all that activity is dockside. So, when your project calls for general or skilled tradespeople, you can rely on PeopleReady’s traveling marine workforce to keep your operations sailing.

We provide the following workers:

  • Welders
  • Shipfitters
  • Forklift operators
  • Gangmen
  • Checkers 

Move the world with our people.

When goods and services move around the globe, it’s a well-oiled system that relies on precision, skill and the safety of a qualified workforce. So, you need workers with the right skillset to get the job done. We’ve made placing and managing your job orders easier with JobStack, our mobile and web app, which allows you to place orders for workers anytime, anywhere, 24/7. It’s an added benefit when you partner with PeopleReady.

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Ports & terminals

PeopleReady is the nationwide, non-union solution for your ports and terminals workforce needs. Our recruiters understand your regulations and procedures, and we have an extensive database of qualified and skilled associates.

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Shipbuilding & repair

Success depends on the ability to respond swiftly when shipbuilding and overhaul projects are necessary. PeopleReady understands the regulations and technicalities of government projects, changing timelines, and skills and certifications required for your project.

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PeopleReady can help your marine operation keep those important goods and services moving around the globe. You need hardworking, safe, and certified associates and PeopleReady has the recruiting and staffing expertise to provide a traveling workforce that get the job done right.

From welders and shipfitters to gangmen and forklift operators, PeopleReady can match your project with the right workers, whether it’s in the area of ports and terminals or in shipbuilding and repair. And the PeopleReady mobile and web app, JobStack, gives you even greater flexibility in the ability to place job orders and rate workers. JobStack allows you to reach our large pool of experienced and qualified workers, when and where you need them.