JobStack and Your New Year Resolutions

December 11, 2019 Anna Mischke

As we prepare to say “goodbye” to 2019, it’s the time where many of us begin to reflect on the past year and prepare for the coming one—especially when it comes to work. Whether you’re a temp worker choosing the shifts that fit your current situation or you’re focused on something more full-time, ask yourself how you’ve excelled and how you could improve.

When thinking on your New Year’s Resolutions for 2020, how could work play into the different parts of your life you’d like to develop and improve on? Here are some of the common resolutions that have more in common with your work than you might think:

“Have Better Time Management”

There’s one similar thing all successful people can agree on as an important behavior: time management. When you’re juggling all of the aspects of your life from family to work and friends to hobbies, it can be tricky to make sure you allow time where you need it. When looking at jobs this year, consider using an agenda to help you map your time well and avoid overlaps or committing to things you might have to cancel on.

Whether you use the one on your smartphone or prefer the habit of writing your plans down with a pen on paper, you’re more likely to tick off your to-do list, show up on-time, and feel more at ease with a grasp on your scheduling. A great thing about job search apps, like JobStack, is your ability to book shifts at the times that make sense for you – allowing you to put that planner to use.

“Grow My Skill Set and Career Options”

Maybe it’s time you shook things up and tried your hand at a new career, or perhaps you feel like you’re in a rut doing the same day-to-day routine and want to learn something new. Either way, there are tons of options out there for you in a wide variety of industries. Curious about the lucrative boom in construction? Interested in putting your organizational skills to the test? Ready to show your chops in the kitchen? Find shifts that give you the opportunity to try your hand in different roles and learn new skills from a variety of teams at different locations. JobStack consistently shares the newest jobs available with customers in industries like hospitality to retail to warehousing, meaning you can try your hand at all sorts of gigs!

“Travel More”

Ever feel like you’re stuck in the same place? You can change that. Many workers have used JobStack and PeopleReady to find shifts in cities all across the U.S. – and with over 600 branches around the nation, you can find one almost anywhere you set your mind to. Take Gidget, an associate with PeopleReady since 2017, she’s visited Yosemite, Rushmore, and the beaches at Santa Monica all because she was able to pick up work while she was traveling. Start planning your sightseeing now and find jobs wherever you need them.

“I Want to Be More Confident in My Savings”

When you have a safety buffer in your savings account, it can take off a lot of stress when unexpected expenses pop up. Get in the habit of saving as soon as you’re paid, and it’ll become a behavior you’ll be grateful for during tight money-times—putting aside whatever you can, whether it’s 3% of your check or a few dollars. You can even set up automatic savings with some banking accounts. When you’re looking at your finances for the year, take savings into your own hands.

“Make Self-Care a Priority”

It seems like the term “self-care” had its biggest year yet in 2019 – and for good reason. Taking time to ensure you have the rest and relaxation your body and mind need is important so you don’t burn out by the time April rolls around. Listen to your health signals: Are you getting enough sleep? Have you had a chance to get outside? Could you be exercising more?

The combination of stress and lack of physical movement only causes long-term physical health problems but can also impact your emotional and mental health. When looking at your schedule and work situation, you can choose shifts that work with your scheduling needs and allow you the time you need for basic self-care. When you’re able to control your job situation from wherever you are and at any time, you might have a stronger sense of what you need and want.

Ready to get started on your New Year Resolutions? See where JobStack can help support your goals and get you going in 2020!

About the Author

Anna Mischke is the Content Marketing Specialist for PeopleReady. Stories are what spark Anna and she's continually feeding her curiosity around the constant shifts in marketing, technology, and psychology - and their correlation with one another. Often, she's writing, feverishly reading, illustrating, or sneaking treats to her Scottish Fold kittens.

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