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JobStack has many features that allow you to connect with opportunities in your area and build a flexible work schedule. This page includes valuable resources that will help you feel more comfortable using the app.

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Take advantage of JobStack to quickly find jobs that fit your schedule

PeopleReady’s mobile app, JobStack is a staffing app that helps workers find short-term, flexible jobs in their area that match their skills and fit their schedule. With JobStack you are in control of your work schedule. Once you find a short-term job that fits your preferences, you will receive information on where to go, what to bring, and what to expect once you arrive. JobStack has work opportunities all over the U.S.

You can apply to be a PeopleReady worker and start accepting jobs all from the app! When you work for PeopleReady | JobStack, you are a W-2 employee.

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JobStack Resource Library

JobStack Quick Start Guide
Just getting started? Jump-start JobStack with this handy guide.

Why Choose JobStack?
With PeopleReady and JobStack, you have the access, flexibility and volume of work to make choices that work for you. See why PeopleReady and JobStack are the best option for finding flexible work.

The PeopleReady | JobStack Referral Program
Did you know that you can earn cash for every new associate that you refer through JobStack? Find out how.

The Lifeline Phone Program
Lifeline is a federal program that helps low-income individuals and households receive basic telecommunication services for free or at a discounted rate. Learn more.

The Right Job. The Right Way.
All PeopleReady branches offer this handy JobStack | Find Work rack card as a takeaway item. View the digital version.

Frequently Asked Questions

 No! You can register to work with PeopleReady all on JobStack®. Just download the app to get started. 

You need internet access or a cell phone with a data plan. The JobStack Worker App is compatible with mobile devices on either iOS or Android operating systems. The app is not compatible with Windows. If you have a limited data plan, we recommend connecting to Wi-Fi prior to downloading the app. 

The JobStack Worker app is available for smartphones. If you do not have a smartphone, you can continue to accept jobs as you do now. Check in regularly with your local branch to learn about job opportunities available to you. 

You will get a notification on your device alerting you when there is an update. Due to the size of the app, we suggest updating it using Wi-Fi. 

JobStack needs to access your location in order to find you jobs that fit within the travel radius you set. You can change this location in your profile. 

When looking for a job, make sure that your information is up to date and that you are using the latest version of the app. Jobs may not appear due to conflicting job times or search locations. If you need further assistance, call your branch or our support center at 800.518.0104. 

Yes. When you arrive at the site, the app will allow you to confirm that you have arrived. This feature is only available an hour before the start time and up to an hour after. 

Yes. Once you’ve accepted a job, you will see the option to call off from each shift. If you must call off, be certain to contact the branch right away. Keep in mind, frequent call-offs may affect your ability to see jobs in the future. 

Once a customer submits hours, you will be able to confirm your hours worked and rate the job in the app. If you do not agree with what was submitted, you will be prompted to call the branch. If you have a pay card, you can request alerts when your pay has been processed. Associates can rate and confirm hours for previous shifts as soon as customers submit hours via the customer app or hours are entered by our branch staff. 

You are responsible for bringing the correct PPE to a job site. Contact the branch if you are in need of any PPE necessary for your assignment, including hardhat, boots, goggles, or hearing protection. Please allow enough time for arrangements to be made. 

You can. Click Menu in the top right hand of the app and then click on the Profile section. From there you can now update the following: 

  • The job titles you can perform and the amount of experience you have in that job type 
  • Any new, relevant job skills you’ve acquired 
  • Any new, relevant certificates and licenses 
  • Your highest level of education 

Please Note: Some of the job titles, skills, certificates and licenses you can update require your branch to verify. Once approved by the branch it will show up in your profile. 

You can update your certifications and licenses in the profile section of the app. 

Updating your profile lets the branch staff and JobStack know what jobs you are able to work. JobStack will only show you assignments that match your qualifications. 

Confirmation notifications allow you to confirm that you will be attending the jobs you select and to let the branch know when you are on your way to the job site. Use these to ensure the job site and branch know they can expect you. 

Please contact your branch and they will assist you to update your profile. 

No, but keep in mind that jobs in the app are visible to many qualified associates. You are more likely to get the job you really want if you check JobStack regularly for open assignments and respond quickly. If you are on a repeat job it’s best to accept your repeat invitation to secure your assignment. Be sure to contact your branch if you are unable to return to an assignment due to a scheduling conflict. 

No. All of our available jobs will be posted to the app. However, you will only see the jobs you are qualified to work. 

You will not be able to send text messages or emails to the branch using JobStack. You will be able to provide feedback about job sites using the rating system. 

We encourage all our associates to try the app. When trying anything new, it takes time to adjust. If you get used to checking the app regularly, you will have access to jobs in real time. One thing to keep in mind is that jobs in the app are visible to many qualified associates so you’ll need to respond quickly. Our branches are always available to help you find jobs either on the app or in the branch. 

You can always contact your branch, or you can contact our support center at 800.518.0104. 

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JobStack Support Hotline
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