Safe Commuting Tips for Winter Weather

Inclement weather can have a major effect on your commute. Here are some essential safety tips to help ensure a safe commute during the season.

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Worker safety tips

With winter weather adversely impacting road conditions in many states, it’s important to pay extra attention to the road during your commute. Being aware of your surroundings can make the difference between a harmful accident and getting home safely. Here are some essential tips from PeopleReady on how to stay safe during the winter season.  

Essential tips for winter safety

  • Remove ice and snow from your vehicle to ensure maximum visibility. Falling ice and snow from your vehicle can also be hazardous for drivers around you.
  • Always wear your seatbelt. Not only can this save your life if an accident happens, but it’s also the law.
  • Brake and accelerate lightly. Sudden and strong movements may cause your vehicle to spin out of control.
  • Don’t speed. Chances of a crash increase when you drive faster than the traffic around you, and icy roads only add to the risk.
  • Watch out for ice. Even when it’s sunny and clear outside, there is still a risk of dangerous ice on the road. Be on the lookout to avoid slipping out of control.
  • Be patient. While it may be frustrating to wait behind a large truck, they are heavier and take longer to make a complete stop. Don’t cut in front of large trucks and make safe decisions when navigating around other vehicles.
  • Hold your steering wheel firmly. Guarantee you have control over your vehicle. Sharp and sudden moves can cause loss of control.
  • Use extra caution when approaching and crossing overpasses and bridges. These tend to freeze more quickly than other roads.
  • Put your phone away. Texting while driving is dangerous even in safe driving conditions. Responding to text messages or checking Facebook can wait until you’re safely parked.

How to ensure a safe job search during the winter season

When temperatures drop and outdoor conditions worsen in the winter, it’s more important than ever to think about your safety. Getting to and from work may mean dangerous road conditions and taking jobs that require outside exposure can put you at risk. Whether you’re putting in hours outside in the elements or commuting in inclement weather, here’s what you need to know to be proactive about your safety.

Check the weather

It’s important to know what kind of weather to expect for the day the moment you wake up. That’s especially true when it may have major implications on your commute. Also, stay up-to-date on weather changes throughout the day, and watch out for updates that could impact the work site and your schedule the rest of the day.

Update your work status if necessary

If you’re scheduled for a job and can’t make it to the job site without risking your safety, let your branch rep know. You can send them a direct message through the JobStack app so that they know your situation. This helps you feel more relaxed because you’ll have all your bases covered. Plus, your employer will be grateful to know what’s going on and whether they need to find a replacement.

Manage your availability and distance traveled to the job site

Your needs and availability may change with the seasons. With JobStack, you can adjust the distance you’re willing to travel for work while also selecting the shifts you want. By using JobStack, you won’t need to spend unnecessary travel time visiting a branch or have a phone call with your branch rep. Whether you need to keep your commute short when there’s bad weather or be available for family obligations, you can control when and where you work.

Review the safety essentials

Being prepared is a key aspect to ensure your safety. Before heading to a job, make sure you check what’s required of you. Can you safely and accurately perform the duties being asked of you? Do you have the proper gear and equipment you need to get the work done? If you have questions about any of the essential parts of the job, contact your local branch rep ahead of time so you’re well-equipped.

Look ahead on your schedule

Review your upcoming work week, including the different shifts and jobs you’re signed up for. With a plan in place, you can reduce your day-to-day stress and feel prepared for each day ahead. Managing your schedule with JobStack helps you stay on top of your work schedule.

PeopleReady provides winter job options

The winter season brings many job opportunities in a variety of industries, from retailers who need seasonal workers for the holidays to hospitality workers at popular winter vacation destinations. PeopleReady and our app, JobStack, let you find jobs in your area so you can choose the jobs with the right commute for you. With 24/7 access to JobStack, you can easily find on-demand jobs whenever you need to find extra work. These jobs include:

  • Retail: Merchandisers, store update assistants, cashiers
  • Warehousing: Machine operators, sorters, shipping and receiving workers
  • Hospitality: Housekeepers, parking attendants, prep cooks
  • Cleaning: Janitors, building cleaners, laundry attendants
  • Events and venues: Concession workers, ticket-takers, ushers

Looking for jobs?

PeopleReady, a TrueBlue company (NYSE: TBI), specializes in quick and reliable on-demand labor and highly skilled workers. PeopleReady supports a wide range of industries, including construction, manufacturing and logistics, retail and hospitality. Leveraging its game changing JobStack staffing app and presence in more than 600 markets throughout North America, PeopleReady served approximately 83,000 businesses and put approximately 226,000 people to work in 2022.