3 Keys to Ensuring Staff Retention in Your Business

The No. 1 challenge identified by HR professionals according to the Society for Human Resource Management: staff retention. Here are three ways you can ensure that your business succeeds in its retention efforts.

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Workforce Retention Tips for Your Business

The Great Resignation has reached unprecedented levels: 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs in March 2022, the tenth straight month that quits exceeded 4 million, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With millions of businesses all staffing at the same time, the competition for attract and retain top workers continues to grow. Here are three important ways that you can ensure your business succeeds in its retention efforts:

  1. Emphasize training and development
  2. Establish mentorship programs
  3. Offer rewards and recognition

Emphasize training and development

There’s no perfect fit for any one role on your team. But more often than not, your staff will have the ability to learn and adapt with the right support, whether that’s training on new technology or updated systems. In order to ensure optimal performance, you can help your staff identify areas for professional growth, including opportunities to learn new skills. When you emphasize upskilling efforts, your staff learns valuable skills and abilities that set them up for long-term success.

Establish mentorship programs to build connections

More than 9 in 10 workers (91%) who have a mentor are satisfied with their jobs, according to a recent CNBC survey. Matching new staff with more experienced members of your team is a great way to support your onboarding process. Mentors can welcome new team members you’re your company and serve as a guide during their crucial first few weeks. Meanwhile, new team members learn from your more experienced employees while also offering their own fresh perspective. Your staff retention as well as your team’s overall job satisfaction can benefit greatly from these partnerships.

Create a recognition and rewards program

The No. 1 reason employees leave a job is because of a lack of recognition, according to research from Gallup. So, it’s important to thank your staff for their efforts on a regular basis. And if possible, set up a rewards system that encourages ideas and considers all contributions. Staff recognition can lead to increased satisfaction and loyalty. Remember: Awards and incentives don’t have to cost a lot. What matters is that your staff feels appreciate for their efforts.

How to retain your best workers with PeopleReady

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