An Easier Way To Work.


Labor Ready

In 2016, Labor Ready, Spartan Staffing and CLP will become PeopleReady.

As the business world gets faster and more complex, companies large and small are looking for talent solutions to help them grow, and that simplify their access to talent. That’s the idea behind PeopleReady: three staffing companies coming together as one to provide you greater access to the right people at the right time – fast, easy, and all in one place.

Under this new brand, we will make it easier for our customers to access talent and for our associates to find meaningful work. We invite you to join us on the journey!


Why change?
The world of work is changing, and we’re changing with it. Our customers want us to make it easier to gain access to an array of skills and talent, and our associates want access to more jobs. By unifying our three staffing companies under one brand – PeopleReady – we’re able to offer seamless access to all our capabilities from one strong company.

What’s ahead for Labor Ready, Spartan and CLP?
Access to talent solutions. Many of our customers are already using more than one of our service lines. PeopleReady erases the barriers among our brands and provide all our capabilities under a single brand.

Access to jobs. Our associates will be able to access any job across the PeopleReady organization, and will no longer be limited to opportunities offered by just one of our brands.

Specialized staffing + vertical expertise. PeopleReady will offer a broad range of specialized staffing solutions, combined with deep expertise in our core verticals: Construction, Energy & Industrial, Hospitality and Manufacturing.

Branches. The look and feel of our branch network will evolve over the year, and will bring the PeopleReady brand to life at hundreds of locations across the United States.

What about my current business and representatives?
Change of this magnitude takes time and care. That’s why the shift to PeopleReady will be unfold throughout 2016. We are committed to maintaining our service levels with all our customers and associates, and to equipping our representatives with the information they’ll need to keep you informed along the way.