Associate Success Story: Ed Lewarchik

PeopleReady associate Ed Lewarchik has found temporary work that fits his lifestyle and gives him some added income. Learn more about his career in construction.

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In boxing, a knockdown refers to a boxer being brought to the mat by an opponent. So long as the referee never gets to the count of ten, the boxer is still in the game. Sports lover Ed Lewarchik has been knocked down before, but he’s never been knocked out. At the youthful age of 62, “Steady Eddie” has taken every punch in stride, turning one bad scenario into a life changing moment.

In the summer of 2016, Ed had a full-time job. After returning from a vacation, he received a real jab when he learned that his company had shut down. Ed was down, but he wasn’t out. In need of some “quick cash,” Ed turned to PeopleReady. Ed was quickly put to work remodeling a local McDonald’s only two miles from his house. Putting in 40 to 60 hours a week helped Ed feel stable. His amazing work and positive attitude helped him stand apart on the job site.

In December, Ed got a call from his local PeopleReady office. A new position opened up that had the potential to turn into a full-time opportunity. “They called me because they knew they could trust me,” says Ed. On March 26th, Ed was hired on full-time with his new company. Today, he works as a porter and groundskeeper for a property management group.

Though Ed is happy to have a full time position, he still turns to PeopleReady and JobStack on the weekends. “I’d rather be making money than spending money,” says Ed. When asked why he was still looking for weekend work, Ed said, “I’m very grateful for PeopleReady. If it wasn’t for PeopleReady, I wouldn’t be in this position now.”

Ed, we’re grateful for you. Thank you for showing us that you can be down, but you’re never out.

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