Use JobStack to Keep Up with Workplace Trends

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workplace trends

We saw quite a bit of change in the global workforce this past year. As usual, there’s a lot of talk around what the workplace will look like in the coming future. As we look to the year ahead, what does PeopleReady expect?

Gig Economy Ramping Up

The gig economy has been a buzzword for some time now. Workers want more choice and flexibility in their jobs and temporary work and gig shifts that fit their schedule delivers on these desires. Today, more than one in three workers are freelancers…and the industry doesn’t expect the freelance trend to slow down anytime soon. To keep pace with the shifting economy, employers need to reach and appeal to these workers in order to find the right talent for their businesses.

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.

The prevalence of the gig economy is driven part by in part by app-based tech platforms. Most people are attached to their mobile devices, so reaching them where they spend their time is key. With so many other aspects of work handled on mobile, hiring shouldn’t be an exception. Using JobStack, PeopleReady’s app-based flexible workforce solution, allows the flexibility to manage on-demand workers anytime and anywhere.

Diversity Matters

Promoting diversity and inclusion shouldn’t just be on your company’s values list, but put into action in your hiring process and throughout operations. Committing resources to increase diversity in your organization and being transparent on how you are doing this will be important factors to the force of workers who value diversity and inclusion. Not only can placing importance on diversity improve employee engagement, it can help your bottom line as well.

AI is Here…

But isn’t replacing everyone’s job. Technological advances are occurring at an incredibly rapid rate, yet there are plenty of jobs that can’t be done by a robot or machine. While new technologies will become more prevalent in our lives, there are aspects of the human element that AI cannot replicate. The reality of the future of work is that humans and machines will work side by side. This will open up a new market of jobs and organizations will need to discern what those roles will look like. From there, they’ll need to understand how to effectively hire and train employees for these new positions.

Invest in Employees

Due to the changing nature of jobs because of advances in tech, upskilling employees is more important than ever. Helping your existing team build the skills needed to contribute not only benefits your workers, but addresses company needs as a whole. As roles and responsibilities for various jobs evolve, employers can provide the opportunity to learn new skills to help their businesses grow. It’s also imperative to foster a culture of learning throughout the organization to help your team adapt for consistent change.

Now you know more about the future of work, how can you capitalize on this information so your business thrives?

  • Invest in the right technology.
  • Have a plan in place, and adapt it when change is necessary.
  • Hire the right people. Know the culture you are trying to create and hire people that will cultivate and succeed in it.
  • Be transparent with your goals and priorities to the entire organization.

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