How to Find Retail Staff That Drives Sales and Customer Satisfaction

Now more than ever, retailers are looking for new ways to impress shoppers and keep their business. PeopleReady shares three ways that the right retail staffing can help drive sales and increase customer satisfaction.

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Retail Staffing Solutions That Keep Shoppers Coming Back

Brick and mortar stores grew faster than e-commerce for the first time in 2021, according to Forbes, with physical stores up 18.5% in sales versus e-commerce (14.2%). However, many retailers have been hurt by supply chain issues and labor shortages since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, retailers are looking for new ways to impress shoppers and keep their business. PeopleReady shares three ways that the right retail staffing plan can help drive sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Ensure attractive displays and presentation

Nearly 40% of consumers make purchases inside a physical store at least once a week, compared to just 27% who do the same online, according to PwC’s 2021 consumer survey. Product displays are your most important customer touchpoint. After all, customers are more likely to buy the first item that catches their attention, making attractive displays necessary to entice sales.

Each display needs to showcase products while informing shoppers of their features and benefits plus any sales that are in effect. As you change out stock or redesign your store layout, you’ll need workers to assemble the displays, ensuring they meet specifications and protect the product you’re selling. Stockers, cashiers and store setup assistants can also alter displays to ensure the most popular products are prominently featured.

Support your in-store and e-commerce sales efforts during uncertain times

A 2021 NielsenIQ survey showed that upon seeing empty shelves, 20% of U.S. consumers postponed their purchase, 10% of consumers purchased the item elsewhere, and 16% of consumers shifted to another online source. Thankfully, new technology has greatly improved the ability of retailers to create a great customer experience and retail merchandising efforts. Different systems are now available to analyze sales patterns and monitor inventory, ensuring that your stores and warehouses remain stocked with the items your customers need most.

To further expand upon these efforts, your retail workers can help keep the stock room carefully arranged and ensuring that items are accounted for. This helps minimize lost inventory and prevents empty shelves. The same is true of your warehouses and distribution centers, where pickers and packers, sorters and inventory control managers can support this work.

Create a personalized customer experience

While AI and other new technology benefits your business, there is always a need for retail staff who can provide excellent service for your customers. In a recent Gallup survey, 71% of consumers said that staff interactions increase their likelihood of purchasing a product.

The personal touch adds to the shopping experience, making it seem less transactional for your customers. Moreover, they are more likely to recommend a brand after an encounter with an engaged retail employee. Merchandisers and store associates ensure these items are optimally presented. They are also a critical customer touchpoint during in-store shopping.

How to find retail workers to move your business forward

The number of job openings in retail exceeded 1.1 million in June 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Sourcing and interviewing top candidates for your retail business in this climate involves a great deal of time and money.

That’s where PeopleReady comes in. We match you with retail staff to supplement your current workforce, benefiting your budget and productivity. We can fill crucial vacancies across a variety of roles at your retail stores and warehouses and distribution centers.

  • Cashiers
  • Store setup assistants
  • Customer service associates
  • Merchandisers
  • Pickers and packers
  • Receivers
  • Sorters
  • Inventory workers

Looking for retail workers?

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