The Holidays Are Coming
Are You Ready?

Experts predict consumers will be filling their shopping carts in store and online this holiday season. Don’t get caught short-staffed.

Expect the Unexpected

The holiday season is poised to be busier than ever. With the forecast looking up over last year for brick-and-mortar and online retailers, expect an even bigger rush of business starting with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and lasting up until the last minute. You can’t predict everything that might come your way during the busiest season of the year, but you can be prepared if you have the right staff.

The first step to staying calm and successful in the holiday rush is to have the right staffing strategy. Plan ahead now and you can avoid these holiday hurdles:

Low unemployment

Today’s job market is tilted in favor of workers. They have their choice of gigs and you can’t assume they’re just waiting around for an opportunity. They’re deciding when to work and where.

Tough competition

You’re not the only business looking for workers this holiday season. Your competition is looking for talent and grabbing them before you get a chance. In a tight labor market, that could make the difference between having a busy day and having customers going elsewhere to get the merchandise and service they expect.


Workers will call in sick when their shift is due to start in a couple hours. Or you’ll find out you need to unload a truck first thing in the morning but it’s already after hours. You need access to workers quickly, no matter the time.

PeopleReady is your surefire way to survive—and succeed in—all of this holiday havoc. Between our nationwide footprint, 24/7 app, and trained recruiting experts, we’re ready to help with all of your on-demand staffing needs. Don't wait until it's too late, download JobStack today!

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