Preparing for Natural Disasters Is Necessary

Natural disasters might not seem like an obvious topic concerning a staffing organization, but it’s a topic all businesses should be prepared for. Every region in the U.S. is vulnerable to natural disasters, but their effects aren’t isolated: a major storm that slows down transportation, production, or communication can create a domino effect in a supply chain across several states. This can mean delays and interruptions that last anywhere from a few days to a few months.

These major events are matters of life and death- and happening more frequently and leaving greater destruction in their path. According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, the U.S. experienced 14 disaster events causing damage in excess of a billion dollars each last year. In 2019 we’ve already had two fitting that criteria. From wildfires and droughts in the west to tornadoes and hail in the south and winter and tropical storms in the east, climate disasters touch every region. This means odds are high that your business will encounter a disaster firsthand or have to deal with its aftermath.

Think of immediate needs

Obviously, safety is always the primary concern during any disaster – and ensuring safety often means people are temporarily displaced, which can leave businesses in a conundrum. They need to reopen and their teams are eager to return to work, but job sites might not be work-ready just yet. In this case, you want access to laborers who can quickly arrive and clear debris or transport material to another job site. You might even need these workers before the storm hits to prepare for impact. That efficiency is where you require an established and experienced staffing partner, like PeopleReady. You should be able to trust that your staffing partner has the agility and experience to get the job done. Last year we had workers helping during recovery after several major events, including Hurricanes Florence and Michael. The sooner you can get your site up and running, the sooner you can get your business moving, your teams back on the job, and feeling a return to normalcy.

Stay connected

Unfortunately, power outages are common during and after disasters, often for weeks or months says the Department of Homeland Security. Outages often lead to breakdown in the everyday processes we’ve come to rely on. These high-stress, high-stakes moments are when smooth and transparent processes are most important—both to businesses and workers. Our mobile app, JobStack, can help mitigate the strain on your processes. Through the app you can place orders, approve timesheets, request workers, and leave feedback. Your HR and payroll departments will be overwhelmed during this period—and might not even be in the same location. The ability to cross these important items off your to-do list with just a mobile connection lets you move forward without having to slow down or worry about being in your office or on site at all times.

Look for support

You don’t always know what you’ll need when an event occurs. Disasters can upend so much of daily life that it can be difficult to know where to start readjusting. PeopleReady has helped in virtually every kind of natural disaster and our workers, across a variety of industries and locations all over the country, are ready to help. Right now, when you have time to prepare for disaster season, talk with the PeopleReady team to understand how we can help. Our goal is to make sure you’re prepared and successful no matter what comes your way.


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