Is your business plan set for disaster season?

In the past few years, people across the nation have undergone tremendously daunting natural disasters. From wildfires to hurricanes, these events have left destruction in their wake and many have suffered the aftermath. The work which goes into both preparation and rebuilding is incredible, particularly in the face of emotional and physical upset.

Maybe the thought of dealing with one of these events seems too much to bear, but normalization does come with time–and with strong groundwork and a network of support, you can prepare as best as possible for what’s to come. As we look to the coming months in anticipation of potential natural disasters, it’s vital your business have the support it needs to weather these storms and come out as strong as ever.

Read some tried-and-true recommendations from the pros - along with insights into how a staffing partner can give a hand (or many) post-disaster.

Identify Responsibilities

Determine who will be in charge of what before a disaster strikes. When each person understands their role and what is needed of them, you’ll be able to tackle issues more effectively and quickly. Consider tasks such as communications to employees and customers, asset protection, providing emergency supplies, and creating a general recovery plan – then work with your team to decide who handles what and how they’ll do it.

Communicate Plans

Tying into roles and responsibilities is who will communicate the plans to customers and your employees, what plans will be shared, and how they will be shared. Both your employees and customers are equally important to your business – so be sure to loop them in and update around any service changes and expectations. Determine a communication plan to ensure each of your team members are safe and offer your clients insight into what they can expect; being proactive about potential questions or requests can make a big difference.

Manage Expectations

Severe natural disasters can seriously disrupt businesses, with many feeling the effects for years. Some even expect a decade before fully recovering from a natural disaster. So before diving back in immediately, consider the realistic amount of time it should take for you and your team to sense any normalcy in your processes. Adding unnecessary pressure (on yourself, included) might be the last thing your company needs from you right now.

Create a Staffing Plan

It’s better to expect that things won’t be running as they regularly do before and after a natural disaster, and that includes your staff’s availability. Whether staying home with kids, attending to personal issues, relocating for a while, or needing time for themselves, your employees may not be available as much as you need them. It’s reassuring to know you work with a staffing partner who understands the ins and outs of staffing disaster recovery and relief when the time comes when you need extra hands on deck. Find a partner with a national footprint combined with local expertise and support so you’re covered in any scenario, with assistance available at any time.

Allow Time

There are things that will absolutely need to be addressed immediately; it’s the nature of managing a business. But once those crucial items are handled, make sure to give your body and mind time to rest. Listen to your physical needs so you don’t push yourself to illness or injury. By giving yourself (and your team) the opportunity for self-care, you’ll provide more opportunity for higher productivity and increased harmony when everyone is one-hundred-percent back to work.


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