4 Must-Know Tips on Finding Summer Workers

Summer activities are calling and your inbox is filling up with requests for time off from your employees. Camping trips, beach getaways, and days of lakeside fun are important for your employees to get the rest and relaxation they need to remain top performers. That doesn’t mean your operations need to suffer; not all workers are breaking for the summer holidays.

Keep in mind though, workers have plenty of options when it comes to jobs. Unemployment numbers are at all-time lows and other companies are looking to find quality temp workers to fill their summer openings too. So what are the top tips to keep in mind when thinking about staffing up for the summer?

Find Workers With an Edge

Invest time when you find workers with skills that stand out from the rest. Perhaps they’re tech-savvy, using apps like JobStack to seamlessly connect and work with companies like yours. They may show particular strengths in customer service or show stellar sales potential. No matter which traits are particularly important for your business, having the opportunity to gauge a worker before fully onboarding is a major benefit of a temporary placement.

Find Workers You Value

Just as you want to provide a positive workplace for your fulltime employees, you’ll benefit from offering that same experience for your temporary workers. In the case where you want to hire someone on for the long haul, they’ll want to have had a good experience with you. While you both initially might think you’re just connecting for a temporary shift, there are many times a customer and associate are such a great match they go from temporary worker to fulltime employee.

Find Workers Who Value Your Company

Building a team of workers who are just as invested in your company as you are can be a tough  but worthwhile endeavor. When you have employees who share your same business vision and goals, the difference is notable. You’ll be able to spot these associates: They’re interested in the work, they ask questions that span outside of their daily tasks, they’ll show enthusiasm. When you do find them, show that you value them!

Find Workers You Can Train

Most of us don’t show up on the first day of the job knowing how to do everything. While we match our customers with associates who work to fill their needs and get the job done well, you may recognize a certain aptitude or potential in someone that not all others might have. This may be a perfect opportunity to build a relationship with a worker you can train over time to truly go above and beyond in your business. While temp workers might be come-and-go without much of a trace with some staffing companies, JobStack offers you the ability to request specific workers to come back and work with you – all easily from your phone.

Worry not when the vacation requests begin streaming in. Your carefully crafted schedule doesn’t need to be overturned and productivity doesn’t have to stop. With PeopleReady you can be assured of a team with all hands on deck while you have access to a full-service provider: over 600 branches nationwide and JobStack, helping you find the right worker, where and when you need them. Your time gets a break, and now you can relax a bit too.

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