Climbing the Job Search Mountain

Looking for a new job is like climbing a mountain in many ways. See what our resident climbing expert says about how you can have a successful job search.


Looking for a job can feel like you’re trying to climb a humongous mountain. Where do you start? What do you need to begin? What if you fail? Are you prepared? Luckily, you’re not alone when feeling a bit overwhelmed.

We spoke with Alex Vlaming, an avid rock climber and PeopleReady employee, about the similarities between finding a job and scaling a wall. They might seem different at first, but it turns out both activities share a lot of similarities. High stress but incredibly rewarding at the end of the journey, many of the mental tips that are used for climbing can be applied to your job search, making the expedition a little easier.


For a climb, preparation includes researching the route ahead of time, most of the time creating a “beta sheet” of information related to the route. When job searching, a beta sheet can also come in handy. Start generating a list of your skills and competencies and make sure to consult that list when you apply to new positions.

When applying for jobs, remember that using the right wording and having the proper skills are key in getting a second look with recruiters. For every job you apply to, make sure to consult your beta sheet to see what skills apply and what you have to offer in particular.

Keep Looking Ahead & Try Other Options

Sometimes you may think the way forward on the climb will be straightforward and easy to follow. It usually isn’t! The key for when you feel stuck or lost is to keep looking forward and trying different options. Trying to do the same thing over and over is going to end in the same result- which is no surprise.

So when you’re job hunting, make sure to try different things. Try different job boards, reaching out to recruiters and companies in different ways, utilizing various job search apps, and remaining persistent.  Spread your efforts and you’re likely to reach your goals more quickly.

Celebrate Successes

On any climb, summiting or tagging the top is always the primary goal. However, there are many accomplishments that you can hit on the way there. Completing pitch one, climbing without a fall, and climbing efficiently are all accomplishments on the way to the top. Similarly, the primary goal of a job search is to land a new role, but don’t lose sight of intermediate accomplishments.

A great conversation with a recruiter or landing that big interview is worthy of celebration. So is crafting that perfect cover letter or getting a strong rating from a customer! Celebrating smaller milestones can help the job hunt from becoming a slog and keep things positive on those harder days.

Ready to climb toward your next job?


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