Success Stories: Jennifer McCormick

“At PeopleReady, we talk about being a force for good,” Jennifer says. “That really resonates with me.” Hear about her journey from PeopleReady associate to branch assistant manager.

November 4, 2020

It was March 2017 and Jennifer McCormack was in the mood for a career change.

She was working as an accountant—a great profession, but it just wasn’t her. “My whole job was about numbers. I needed more people in the equation. What I get most excited about is helping people and knowing I’m making a difference in their lives,” she said. So she gave her notice and went over to the Nashville PeopleReady branch, telling them, “I’ll do any job you want—just not accountant!”

The branch immediately sent her out to work at an auto auction. Jennifer was impressed with the personal concern the team at the branch took over her situation. Like her, they just seemed to get a charge out of helping people.

Jennifer quickly began standing out on PeopleReady assignments, often being made the lead worker. Eventually, the branch hired her as a staffing specialist. She was the Mid-South Staffing Specialist of the Year in 2019. She was soon promoted to assistant manager.

“At PeopleReady, we talk about being a force for good,” Jennifer said. “That really resonates with me.”

Jennifer is what you call a natural-born people helper.

For example, a worker named Patricia Glass came into the branch a few months ago. She had fallen on hard times and was looking for a chance to turn things around. Jennifer leaped right in. She shared her lunch from Sonic with Patricia and got to know her and understand her situation and her work background.

“I have done so many interviews while splitting my lunch,” Jennifer said. “People get comfortable enough to talk, I learn more about their skills and interests and we both get to eat!”

It turned out Patricia had hospitality experience, but she couldn’t afford a proper uniform.

“My boss, Luis Castera Velez, helped her procure a pair of pants and a shirt. She came back ready to work—and she’s been working ever since.”

Eventually, Patricia was able to move out of temporary housing and into her own place. “All new appliances!” Patricia beams. “A pool!” She also bought a used car, a 2004 Buick LaSabre. “Beautiful car. Everyone asks if they can buy it.”

There are many more associate success stories with Jennifer as a central character. Whether she is helping someone get a fresh start, a new college graduate take their first step into the workforce, a parent earn extra money for their household, a military veteran transition into a new career or a retiree re-enter the workforce, Jennifer changes lives every day. The number she counts today is the amount of people she can impact, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Success Stories: Karis Richmond

Karis Richmond left the Navy to find a new start, and his “working interview” turned into a new career opportunity.

April 13, 2020
Man standing and smiling next to X-ray machine

Karis Richmond had just left the Navy after four years and was looking to create a new life. He had a line on a job with the Post Office. However, he needed some extra money to tide himself over until his paperwork made its way through the postal hiring process.

So, he stopped into the Orlando PeopleReady branch, thinking a couple of temporary assignments should do the trick.

Branch Manager Malcom McCoy would receive rave reviews every time he sent Karis to a customer.

Then Malcom had a thought: Maybe Karis would be the person for a client looking for just the right person.

Renew Digital refurbishes and resells X-ray machines to doctors and dentists. They would request associates to work as helpers for their technicians. Malcom’s contact with the company told him they’d be interested in a temporary worker who could quickly transfer to full-time employment.

The company stated the worker would be the “face of the company” for the customer. They needed a perfect fit. The person acts as a helper to a technician removing and installing X-ray machines—and that meant direct customer contact.

“The supervisor told me, ‘The person we’re looking for only needs to have something explained once to him or her and after that they can work with minimal supervision. Someone with a real head on their shoulders,’” explained Malcolm.

Malcolm knew Karis was just the right person for the job. In the Navy, Karis worked as an aircraft technician on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier—a pressure-cooker environment where there was no room for error. A place where there’s never enough time to explain something twice.

Kevin Marler, Renew’s senior install technician, could immediately see Karis was a great candidate for the job.

“Right off the bat, he showed initiative,” Kevin said, explaining that Karis showed initiative and know-how from the start, with minimal supervision.

Quickly, Renew offered Karis a full-time job as a tech assistant. Shortly after that, they put him through training and made him a traveling tech. Kevin is still impressed with Karis every time he works with him.

“It’s the attention to detail,” Kevin said.

Success Stories: Percy Johnson

Meet Percy Johnson, who worked his way up from construction general laborer to foreman in 5 months through PeopleReady.

February 25, 2020
associate spotlight, percy johnson, IAMREADY

Working one’s way up from construction general laborer to foreman is doable, but you’re talking a number of years to make that climb.

Percy Johnson did it in five months. At 53 years old.

“My philosophy is when a higher power opens a door for you, you go through that door—and give it everything you have,” Percy said. “PeopleReady was that open door, and I made sure I made the most of it.”

It was not Percy’s first meteoric rise. As a Desert Storm U.S. Army vet looking for work in New York in 1999, Percy landed a job as a door-to-door salesman with a direct marketing firm.

associate spotlight, percy johnson, IAMREADY

“I was like, ‘Wow, this isn’t hard. This isn’t hard at all.’ Of course, you’re cold calling, so you had your unpleasant people. But all in all, it was a good fit. I told myself, ‘You can get noticed.’”

And that’s exactly what he did.

“It was all about numbers—an income goal. I reached the goal several times over,” he said. “It was unreal. I’d never had any substantial money in my life before that.”

Percy continued to excel and rose through the company until there was only one more move to make: owner. He bought the company and ran it for 22 years. But his success came at a price. “I woke up one day and realized: I don’t know my son. His likes. His dislikes. I’d been working 16- to 17-hour days. Something had to change.”

He sold the business and moved to Virginia to retire early. But it wasn’t long before the go-getter grew restless, itching for a challenge.

“My wife said, ‘You like fixing things around the house; why don’t you go into construction?’”

Ever the overachiever, Percy earned a degree in construction management and started applying to local contractors as a foreman—aiming high, as usual.

“But no one wanted to hire a 53-year-old guy with no experience,” Percy said. “I was just banging my head against the wall. It drove me crazy. But I told myself, ‘Where you are is where you need to be. Something will come up.’”

That’s when a friend suggested Percy check out PeopleReady as a way to get some experience. As a leader in industrial staffing, PeopleReady dispatches thousands of temporary workers to construction sites every day across North America.

Percy took his friend’s advice and visited the Fairfax PeopleReady branch, where he applied to work as a general laborer, hoping to gain the experience he needed. When PeopleReady dispatched him to work as a general laborer for Layton Construction, which was remodeling a hospital in Fairfax, he saw his chance.

“I said, ‘This is it!’ I decided then and there this was going to be the place I’ll make my mark. I kept my head down, didn’t mention anything about my degree, and just tried to get noticed.”

He succeeded. Impressed with Percy, the company hired him full time after a month. Within two months, he was a lead. Two months later, he was promoted to foreman. Today, when he needs extra hands on the jobsite, Percy calls PeopleReady, opening the door for other go-getters looking to gain construction experience—a way to pay it forward.

“What I bring to the table is my work ethic, my drive, my determination, my never-say-never attitude. I was just put in charge of the cath lab phase. This is a big deal. I’ll manage that whole process from teardown to build-out. I will excel.”

Don’t bet against him.

Success Stories: How One Veteran Succeeds As a PeopleReady Associate

A veteran has moved into a new career as staffing specialist at PeopleReady. Here’s his story and how we helped him succeed.

November 8, 2019

Meet Jared Nelson, a veteran of the U.S. Army and a Senior Staffing Specialist at PeopleReady Branch 3431 in Princeton, Minnesota.

Jared’s experience in the U.S. Army gives him an instant connection with other veterans. The topic typically comes up when a customer or associate notices Charger, the service dog always at Jared’s side. Jared explains how Charger helps with PTSD from his time in the Army. That sparks an immediate rapport, especially when the customer or associate is also a vet.

Adapting to a new normal after leaving the Army is a strength Jared draws on every day at his branch 50 miles north of Minneapolis. “You never know what the PeopleReady workday is going to bring your way,” said Jared. “One of the biggest things we’re taught in the military is resilience. We adapt and overcome regardless of the situation.”

Jared joined PeopleReady a year ago during a turbulent time in his life. It didn’t take much stress to snap him back to Feb. 12, 2006, he was a gunner accompanying a humanitarian convoy in Iraq. He doesn’t remember the blast from the roadside IED. He came to in a medical tent and learned he was one of only two service members to survive in his vehicle. He also learned he had a traumatic brain injury from his helmet slamming into something in the vehicle during the explosion.

“Finding a supportive environment at PeopleReady was awesome,” he said. “But I wanted more. The VA wanted to pump me full of drugs and I don’t want drugs. Then someone suggested, ‘Why don’t you look into getting a service animal?’”

Jared found the organization Paws Assisting Wounded Warriors and they connected him with Charger, a red fox British Labrador puppy. Charger had to learn to disregard all the stimuli that normally distract dog—someone drops a French fry on the floor at a fast food joint or another dog comes into view—and focus on Jared.

“He keys off my energy,” Jared said. “He often knows the PTSD is going to kick in before I do. He knows all the triggers. My voice inflection or I become less talkative, for example. He’ll immediately come to me and put some pressure on me or lay his head in my lap, so I realize what’s going on and a take a deep breath.”

A busy PeopleReady branch can be a hectic place. The importance of a day’s work for some can boost stress levels. With Charger at his side, the day-to-day stress that used to set off PTSD symptoms that made it difficult for Jared to hold a job, are no longer in control. Jared is and doing an exceptional job in helping others.

Success Stories: Calvin Bailey

Interested in how our associates get their start? Calvin Bailey has advice for anyone looking to jump-start their job search or begin a new career.

September 9, 2019
Calvin Bailey

Calvin Bailey is the kind of person you want on your job site: communicative, prompt, experienced in a number of roles and industries, positive to be around, and a reputation as a great teammate. So how did the man with a highly coveted internship at The Bellagio end up working with PeopleReady?

After graduating from the University of Nevada with a degree in Business Management, Calvin gained experience in a number of roles. He worked as a valet and at a liquor store before moving onto IBM as Facility HR Manager. He then switched to a few other companies in various positions, from Operations Management to Quality Insurance Manager, before life took some unexpected turns and he was forced to pivot and examine new opportunities.

Calvin decided it was time for a change and started looking for different types of jobs that got him out from behind a desk. After a quick online search, he found PeopleReady and liked that there were so many branches he could explore. Two and a half years later, he’s still finding flexible jobs through PeopleReady and utilizes the JobStack app to connect with the work he wants. After all, he says, “It’s easy for me to go on [JobStack] and find things.”

Calvin admits that prior to joining PeopleReady, he knew almost nothing about working with his hands, at least within the settings he’s in now. He was “typing 130 words per minute but couldn’t fix a faucet,” but that all changed quickly. Calvin was eager to build his skill set and began learning the tools of the trade, something he wasn’t learning in his previous office jobs. Now, he says he has much more confidence and feels ready to get out there and try things for himself. An important skill Calvin says he’s gained is learning to be uncomfortable, and being okay in the discomfort. He says, “Understand that you don’t know everything – or anything – sometimes.”

This mindset has opened a host of learning opportunities, resulting in several full-time job offers from different PeopleReady customers. But right now Calvin enjoys exploring new opportunities that motivate him to grow, learn, and make sure nothing feels stale. The freedom to work in a variety of settings and with different people keeps him on his toes.   

Interested in how he has made the most of these job opportunities? Calvin has advice for anyone looking to jumpstart their job search or begin a new career.

“Be a chameleon.”

The more adaptable you are and the wider variety of skills you offer, the more likely you’ll be to succeed. When you continue to learn, stay motivated, and diligently look for work, countless career opportunities are available for you.

“Show up.”

Showing up doesn’t just mean physically arriving at the job site; it means mental readiness, too. It’s important to arrive at each shift prepared, dressed for the job, and engaged. With a good night’s sleep and adequate preparation, Calvin’s able to tackle anything—and his employers recognize that. Those multiple full-time job offers are no accident

“Personalize and be sincere.”

Calvin believes that every day on the job is an opportunity to network. Learning and remembering names goes a long way. When you’re attentive to colleagues at all levels and actively build relationships with them, you leave a positive, memorable impression on everyone around you. Just because a company isn’t hiring one day doesn’t mean they won’t be in another day’s time–and that new hire could be you.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

When you ask questions, you show you’re truly interested in gaining skills and doing well. If you don’t understand something, it’s an opportunity to learn, meet someone new, and show you’re serious about the work.

“Go with the flow.”

Calvin says that temporary work situations have taught what a difference being flexible and prepared for change can make. The flexibility he enjoys at work comes with frequent unexpected changes. If you can “think on the fly” you’re able to adapt better. According to Calvin, flexible work affords you a life and the ability to take time off when needed, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also be choosing jobs that will further your career.

“You can never over-communicate.”

Communication intersects with all other aspects of working well and advancing your career. It makes a big difference to keep open lines of communication with everyone from Point A to Point B—whether communicating with your branch rep about jobs you’re looking for, with the site manager about scheduling, or with your coworkers about the task at hand.

It’s clear that Calvin is a strong worker who enjoys connecting with different individuals and seeing job seekers like him find work every day. He knows that because PeopleReady is available and always offering new jobs, he can take the time to explore his next career and decide what works best for him. Until then, he’s dedicated to proving his worth, showcasing his acumen, and growing his skill set. According to Calvin, PeopleReady has offered a place for networking, given him a new world view, led him to new experiences, and grown skills he never knew he had.

Ready to see how JobStack can help you get started on your career exploration?

Connect with PeopleReady today.


Success Stories: Stephanie Gooch

See how one associate uses JobStack to find the work she wants on her own schedule.

February 22, 2019

Stephanie Gooch is one of those people you want to have on your team. She is a warm, open individual who is eager to learn from those around her. Born and raised in St. Louis, Stephanie considers herself an outgoing and bubbly person and has been finding work through PeopleReady for over two years now.

When she first started with PeopleReady, Stephanie hadn’t heard about JobStack, PeopleReady’s mobile app. But one day she overheard co-workers talking about using the app to find work and was intrigued. So she decided to download it herself to see what the fuss was about and was instantly satisfied: “I already loved working for PeopleReady, but being able to set my own schedule with JobStack blew my mind.” JobStack changed the way Stephanie thought about PeopleReady. Before, she was pleased with the jobs she got, but sometimes making a call and going into the branch was difficult with her busy schedule. With JobStack, she’s now flooded with job options!

“I like to look through JobStack like every five minutes just to see what’s out there. It’s always new, fresh, and exciting.”

Stephanie Gooch

Why does Stephanie utilize JobStack now to find jobs?

  • First and foremost, Stephanie appreciates that JobStack is “simple and easy to use.”
  • She likes that JobStack allows her to set her own schedule and find a variety of new jobs, and the fact that she can look into the skills that are required for each.
  • Stephanie takes advantage of JobStack’s text alerts. She says these “keep life from being routine.” She always gets excited when she gets one of these texts to see what the job opportunity will be!
  • She appreciates that there are so many different types of jobs offered, so there are always opportunities to keep gain new knowledge.
Stephanie Gooch, associate spotlight

Since she loves to learn, Stephanie stresses that her favorite part about JobStack is that all the job options allow her to acquire new skills. Since using JobStack, she’s learned new, industry-specific skills within the construction field and also practical skills that she’s able to put to use every day that are transferable between jobs. Stephanie enjoys the challenge of learning something new, and one of her strongest qualities in the workplace is being up for any challenge that is thrown her way. For example, when she takes jobs within customer service, her favorite calls are the ones when customers start very disappointed or mad about a situation. She uses this as an opportunity to do everything she can to give them what they need, and she ends up changing the tone of call so that they leave feeling good and positive. That’s the type of worker you want on your team.

Stephanie has already used JobStack to greatly expand her skill set, but she’s still eager to keep growing. What motivates her? It’s being able to reach her goals, which include being able to one day travel to remote areas to offer health care and public health skills to less developed communities. We look forward to continuing to work with Stephanie and watch her crush all her goals in life.

Success Stories: Articia Bomer

When she was just 10 years old, Articia Bomer knew that her strong speaking capabilities set her apart from her peers.

Jobstack: Associate Spotlight

When she was just 10 years old, Articia Bomer knew that her strong speaking capabilities set her apart from her peers. Her people skills and ability to demand attention when she’s in a room are what make her such a strong presence in the workplace today. Articia was destined for success at a young age; she was named valedictorian of her elementary school and started working at the young age of 15. As an adult, during a 15-year career at Chrysler, her boss was instantly impressed by her potential. They sent her to leadership classes, where she passed with flying colors! Articia is the type of person who is always wanting to continue to learn, acquire new skills, and challenge herself – so after her time at Chrysler, she attended culinary school in Las Vegas!

“When I get reminder alerts from JobStack, I get happy. I get to call [the] shots with JobStack.”

Articia Bomer

After culinary school, she knew her calling was to go back to Michigan to support her local community. When she returned, the first place she went looking for work was PeopleReady, and she has been using PeopleReady to find work ever since. And she’s been particularly impressed with the addition of JobStack, PeopleReady’s mobile app!

Why does Articia keep using PeopleReady and JobStack to find work?

  • “PeopleReady is the No. 1 staffing company.” Articia explains that other staffing agencies can’t do what PeopleReady does. “They say they want to put people to work, but PeopleReady actually does.”
  • She likes using PeopleReady’s mobile app JobStack because “you decide when you want to work, how you want to work, and where you want to work. I love that I can see jobs available all in one place and know when [jobs are] still available.”
  • One feature of JobStack Articia particularly enjoys is that the app asks if you’ve arrived to the jobsite, which “makes it feel like I have human GPS. It follows you; it’s a safe heaven.”
  • She appreciates that the app is super informative and gives the supervisor of the job’s name and number so she always knows who to get ahold of. “[JobStack] has your back.”
  • She also mentioned how she has worked with so many great companies and supervisors. Every person she has contracted with has always been so nice. She says, “That’s what it should be about.” (And we agree!).  

You can tell that Articia is a warmhearted woman who deeply cares for others; that’s why she appreciates the fact that PeopleReady is a resource for elderly, homeless, and disabled people to find work. She also explains to others that PeopleReady will work with them to find situations that they will excel in. She explains that they accommodate those with disabilities, and she tells her peers, “[PeopleReady] has your back. They will take good care of you. They’ll work with you to find jobs that match your skills.”

Woman smiling

Articia appreciates JobStack and PeopleReady so much, she even offers to take people to different branch locations to help them get started and “tells all of [her] family and friends about it.” Because Articia describes her strongest skills as being in marketing and advertising, selling JobStack as an easy way to find work to those around her is second nature. She likes to think of herself as a worker who helps bring a new perspective and makes a difference. She takes pride in what she does – and it shows! We’re lucky to have such a hardworking, charismatic woman like Articia as a part of the PeopleReady and JobStack family.

Success Stories: Game Day with a PeopleReady Associate

This PeopleReady associate was a firefighter in Boston, putting out flames and coming to the rescue. Now he’s switched jobs and has been working major sporting events. Read his story.

February 4, 2019
Quote from Harold, a valued PeopleReady associate, saying "It helps give me purpose..."

The Patriots dashed onto the field, hearts racing to the sound of Crazy Train while the Rams prepared for a tough battle, ramping up for the biggest game of the season. Fans cheered, millions of viewers sat entranced in front of their television screens, and people buzzed about the big plays and kooky commercials to come. 

While fireworks ignited and lights flashed across the faces of stars and athletes and onlookers, our thoughts were with our dedicated teammates helping to keep the colossal event going. Before the football hubbub on Sunday, we connected with one of our associates, Harold, to hear about his involvement in game day. Because as a worker on the scene, Harold would have front seat visibility into to the rivalry and excitement in the stadium.

Fighting the Good Fight

Years ago, Harold was a firefighter in Boston, putting out flames and coming to the rescue. During a call, Harold was struck in a car accident that left him in a state where doctors told him he’d never walk again. 

“I learned to walk again,” says Harold. 

Not only is he walking, Harold’s working as a chef at a number of venues and most recently landing a gig at football’s most anticipated event. Harold shares of his extensive physical therapy and the hardships many veteran firefighters face when leaving the department. Harold explains “So many guys after they leave the Fire Department, they’re just lost…they have no purpose.” 

To maintain his hard-working ethic, Harold started working with PeopleReady to remain active. From Boston to Atlanta, Harold used the restaurant experience he’d gained earlier in life to work in kitchens as a chef. Now, Harold relies on the joy of meeting people and making them happy with the food he creates, saying “it helps give me purpose.” Harold may feel fortunate to have found a new opportunity wielding a carving knife and tongs, but PeopleReady is honored to help people, like Harold, toward their next career steps. 

Now that’s something we can all cheer for.

Success Stories: Nasser Abousamak

Nasser Abousamak, one of our PeopleReady associates, has found a career path that fits his skills and schedule. See how he did it!

January 16, 2019


Contagious optimism. A positive outlook. Offering encouragement. Involvement in the community. Strong communicators. Relationship-oriented. These are behaviors and traits we recognize in many of the motivational speakers we admire. Sometimes of coaches or other mentors and guides. Today, those traits were communicated through a somewhat surprising source: Nasser Abousamak, a PeopleReady associate turned full-time warehouse employee. A hard worker with a shaky past, bright future, and all the opportunities he sets his mind to.

We connected with Nasser after noticing his continual involvement on the PeopleReady Facebook page. Nasser constantly engaged with other PeopleReady workers, asking questions about their experiences and goals, offering tips and personal insights, and lending advice from his own situations. Eventually, we had the opportunity to speak with Nasser and learn a bit more about his story: what drives him to look from beyond the screen of his computer, the job site he’s on, or the four walls of his home to meet others where they are in their journey.

Nasser’s family recently grew as they welcomed a son to their nest. Nasser works in warehousing with plans on taking OSHA 30 classes to become a certified skilled tradesman, most likely in the sewage plumbing field. He says that type of work feels like playing with Legos and that the process just “clicks.” He enjoys writing and playing music and occasionally takes the time to publicly speak at local organizations about his personal journey. Nasser lights up when he shares of treating his daughter to a special Minions jumper and birthday party at Red Robin. He clearly values relationships and this is apparent when he shares about his family, saying he’s honored to support the kids who “are just dependent on me to be an adult and to figure it out.” While things are coming together wonderfully now, Nasser explains how things weren’t always easy.


“It wasn’t so positive in the beginning…I was a teenager who had just come out of the system. I was pretty much homeless.” Nasser was barely making ends meet by working in fast food restaurants, traveling on bike and bus all hours of the day to get to his shifts. A few years ago, after moving from New Jersey to Florida, Nasser fell into some trouble – but pulled himself up, faced the facts, and was determined to improve his life. Wanting to move on from those trying times, Nasser asked himself “As a man in my situation with my background, what can I do to accelerate my life?” Food jobs weren’t cutting it, he had two children back in New Jersey to support, and family in Las Vegas that he was determined to provide for. Only 12% of individuals on probation succeed in making a good life for themselves in Las Vegas, but he wasn’t about to let that statistic hold him back.

Nasser thought back to some of the jobs he worked as a teen and young adult, remembering the work he found with LaborReady. When discovering LaborReady had rebranded to PeopleReady, Nasser decided to put his natural knack for construction to work. While taking an OSHA 10 class, Nasser began working construction jobs with PeopleReady customers, building his skills, and networking within the industry. Soon, a contractor he met on-site at a temporary labor job with PeopleReady asked Nasser to join their team full-time.

While thrilled, Nasser was nervous that he didn’t have the skills or preparation to be a full-time construction worker. “I didn’t know how to use a level! I knew how to use tools, but the way that all of us know how to use tools…not like a professional, formal kind of way or a specific trade.” Where he lacked technical skill, Nasser made up in soft skills: “just being able to speak and present myself well and show up on time” was enough for those around him. Still, things weren’t easy. Nasser says that during this transitional time, “I was just barely getting by…”- sometimes donating plasma to pay the bills.

Nasser thanks his wife for being such a beacon of help during this time, making their home welcoming and warm and urging him to keep working on his OSHA 10, even when he was working long restaurant hours on top of construction jobs, without time to relax on the weekends. Nasser also thanks a particular mentor he met last year working through PeopleReady. Nasser met Leo when working on a job in Caesar’s Palace constructing a luxury luggage store. The contract was only for two days, but Leo appreciated his work ethic and extended the contract, taking the time to work with Nasser to keep learning the trade. While Nasser experienced some ridicule from seasoned workers for not knowing some of the workplace basics, Leo took the time to show him how to use specific tools and skills that Nasser still uses in his warehousing job daily. Leo’s willingness to coach made a strong impact on Nasser, “a motivational force to keep going in that direction.”

Words of Wisdom

Now, Nasser aims to pass that same support to as many people as he can reach. “I just wish people knew you have lot more power than you think; you don’t have to be the toughest or be able to lift the most or even know the most…” he just urges people to show up and speak to others. “Have faith in yourself and your attitude, you can’t let what’s going on in your personal life affect your attitude. How many other guys in the world, in other countries or other situations just don’t have the opportunity to do what I have now?” Sometimes there are going to be jobs that pay less, that are less desirable, or just plain hard, but Nasser says that consistency, patience, and organization are key in continuing on a positive path. Instead of looking at a work opportunity as “oh, it’s just a regular, boring job”, think “it’s a huge opportunity to completely make a difference and accelerate.”

One thing many successful people attribute to their achievement is a commitment to play. Doing things they enjoy outside of work. Valuing a work-life balance. Nasser does this by taking the time to do things with his family, like walking the dog and going to the park. He also finds joy in his music. Nasser performs hip-hop, but says “you’ll find that it’s quite different than what you hear on the radio, mainly because of my content”, noting “there are no curses in my music, I’ve got a lot to say about the thinking in that industry right now and I express it more so in a positive way.” He appreciates anyone who listens, even if they’re not paying, “I don’t have to be the million-dollar guy with all the fancy cars and all that other stuff…I just want to be able to give my family some experiences.”

Nasser establishes his goals and does the work it takes to keep moving forward. He’s serious about learning. He knows sometimes things aren’t the most fun or easiest, but sometimes necessary in the journey. He’s also a strong believer in positive self-talk. Through some of the toughest days, Nasser would remind himself “You’re an able-bodied guy, you’re not the strongest guy…but you’re always willing to show up on time, dress good, be polite, have whatever equipment you need.” These reminders were enough to trump the negative thoughts, choices made in the past, and daily struggles. Nodding to his past and looking to his future, Nasser says, “I’m part of that 12 percent success rate; I’m proud of that.”

Success Stories: Earl Franklin

Earl Franklin worked with PeopleReady for 20 years before landing a job he loves. Read more about his journey through temporary staffing into a permanent role.

November 12, 2018

Many people are only finding PeopleReady for the first time, excited to connect with new types of work and getting to know their local branches. Maybe they’re learning the ins and outs of warehousing, helping prep for the wildly busy retail season or perhaps they’re navigating the hospitality world, creating welcoming and memorable experiences.

Earl Franklin

There are some, though, who have worked with PeopleReady for years. Earl Franklin is one of those people, sharing memories of PeopleReady branches that were once LaborReady in his hometown of Philadelphia.

Getting in the Game

For more than 20 years, Earl has visited the offices of PeopleReady to find jobs and over the course of that time, he’s cultivated friendships with coworkers and customer service representatives, moved into a full-time position as a facilities coordinator at Lincoln Financial Field, and learned new skills.

An avid sports fan, Earl spends his free time listening to music and laughing with the people around him. It’s clear when getting to know Earl that relationships are important to him, both in his work and personal life. He spared a few moments to share some insights with us and we’re glad to have the opportunity to share some of Earl’s main takeaways from his many years with PeopleReady.

  • Find encouragement in the people you care for. In October of 1997, a special young lady gave Earl the determination to grow in his work…and ultimately made a big difference in his career path. Earl explained, “I would do all within God’s will to be there for her, which means I have to get up and earning income to make that happen; I love sharing my accomplishments with her.” Not only does Earl find motivation in his partner, he says life is “a lot more fun.”
  • Earl says the most valuable thing in a coworker is partnership and the ability to work together. He says the most valuable thing a boss can offer is the necessary tools to get the job done well.
  • Earl believes the most important thing about work is “honestly wanting to be there,” which he says is fortunately the case for him. He says his workplace is somewhere he wants to be every day, not only because of his love of sports, but the enjoyment he feels being around coworkers.
  • Aside from great coworkers, he likes meeting the people attending events and when each of them remember those connections even when off the clock. Clearly he knows that just because you’re working doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make positive connections.
  • “A temporary work assignment is a paid audition, so do the job as if it were coming out of your own pocket. But most importantly, if you’re not satisfied with your work, the boss will not be either.” Earl knows that because of his hard work and dedication, he’s now been employed by Philadelphia’s last two world championship teams.
  • Lastly, Earl says to share your accomplishments with the people you care for. These moments, large or small, can keep you motivated even when you’re tired, feeling down, or stressed.

Next time you’re at an event or sports game, think of Earl; he’s part of the crew that makes these special occasions happen.

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