Thomas E. Keller Partners with PeopleReady for Transportation Services Staffing

PeopleReady helped Thomas E. Keller grow their team with workers who had the right skills to get the job done. See how we did it.

When Thomas E. Keller, a medium-sized national transportation services company, continued to sustain repeated business challenges, they partnered with PeopleReady to find the necessary solutions. Whether finding difficulty in facilitating workers quickly, implementing a supportive and responsive local service team, or hiring the right workers for the right jobs, PeopleReady was prepared to step in to help.

With over 25 years of experience in the staffing industry, PeopleReady was able to fully staff Thomas E. Keller’s operation and supply them with full-time workers in less than a year. These improvements transformed the business, with Thomas E. Keller sharing “PeopleReady is an important staffing partner in support of our critical business goals. They are able to effectively match the right workers for the jobs we need to fill. This saves our organization time, money and allows us to meet our project deadlines.”

In a recent third-party survey, the company rated PeopleReady “Best in Class” for their performance, ease of use, reliability, and customer support. In addition to the exceptional experience as a whole, Thomas E. Keller saw improvements in their worker retention rate, the ability to hire the right people for the right skill set, and found access to hires immediately and locally. Additionally, they reported improved work satisfaction among current employees.

As the largest industrial staffing company in North America, PeopleReady helped Thomas E. Keller grow their team with workers equipped with the right skill sets needed to get the job done and who were ready to get started from day one.

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