Calming Auction Day Chaos with Technology

At PeopleReady, we are excited to continue our work as leaders in the auto auction staffing industry, filling needs from auction drivers to maintenance technicians and more.

On a weekday afternoon, an auction lot sits quiet. After days of washing and detailing cars, buyers begin to enter the lot. This is the calm before the storm. As soon as the first car enters the lane, controlled chaos ensues. Every move made on the auction lot, from how long the car sits to which car pulls up next, is meticulously planned. And behind the wheel of each car is a PeopleReady worker.

For the last 20 years, PeopleReady has grown to become the standard for national staffing partnerships in the auto auction industry. Senior Director of National Account Management Marissa Campbell jokingly refers to this partnership as a “marriage” with PeopleReady and auto auction leaders working together to better understand the ins and outs of the industry. By partnering, the two have created processes that make doing business easier. A main focus over the past few years has been how technology can help bring peace of mind to sale day.

Improving the Industry with Technology

Everyday technology continues to improve the auto auction industry. Technology has helped locate lost cars, allowed buyers to learn everything about a vehicle from a single scan, and ultimately purchase cars online. From AuctionTrac to TradeRev, each new piece of technology has one goal in mind: to learn more about buyers, thus increasing sales.

The biggest obstacle for increasing sales is lane management Campbell explains, “If there’s a break in the lane, buyers will move to other lanes which means less cars get sold. When there are not enough drivers, lanes run short, again less cars get sold.” Not having enough workers to run a lane can mean the difference between thousands of dollars in profit.

It takes seven or eight workers to run a lane, and each driver needs to be able to multi-task, follow directions, and thrive in a stressful and chaotic environment. These are not skills that show up on a resume as Dave Williams, Director of National Accounts, explains: “It’s not about the hard skills. We’re looking for soft skills—that’s why an auction driver is one of the hardest positions to recruit for.” Having a staffing partner that knows what questions to ask during the hiring process ensures you have the most qualified drivers on auction day.

Peace of Mind on Auction Day

Peace of mind for an operations manager hinges on knowing that there will be enough drivers to cover each lane on sale day. With increasing compliance needs, finding qualified workers has become more and more challenging for staffing companies. The key for a successful partnership is always communication.

Enter JobStack, PeopleReady’s solution. Our new mobile app, JobStack allows customers to place orders anytime, anywhere. Using an algorithm JobStack matches PeopleReady’s fully vetted workers to jobs they are qualified for. With JobStack, once the order is placed, customers are notified as their work ticket is filled, eliminating any guess work on sale day. Campbell believes that JobStack will “give our customer’s peace of mind knowing that people will show up on sale day.”

PeopleReady workers that show up on sale day will not only have met all compliance requirements, but will have the soft skills necessary to be successful. Williams explains, “Our recruiters are having continual conversations with each of our workers and are learning more and more about them. Our onboarding process has changed so much over the last 16 years that we’re able to recruit better qualified workers.”

At PeopleReady, we are excited to continue our work as leaders in the auto auction staffing industry, filling needs from auction drivers, maintenance technicians, block clerks, and everything in between. To learn more about this partnership, visit

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