Is Your Employer a True Partner?

June 8, 2018 Alex Vlaming

Now more than ever, skilled trades is the perfect industry if you are looking for long-term career progression. Whether you are at an apprentice level, journeyman, or simply starting out as a laborer on a construction site, the time is now to get started in the industry, and start learning skills you can use for a lifetime. As you get started, it’s important to choose your employer carefully, and to choose an employer who values career development. Keep reading for a few of the things you should look for in an employer.


Look for an employer who is willing to partner with you, to make sure that you continue learning and growing in your chosen trade. Today, the employer employee relationship has changed, to more of a partnership, where both sides are invested, working to increase skills and value in the marketplace.

Value Safety

Construction can be a dangerous industry, so it’s important that any employer you work with values safety. Things to look for are frequent safety checks, extra emphasis on OSHA standards, onsite safety training, on the job coaching, and proper PPE.


Even when working with temporary staffing companies, look for an employer who is willing to invest in you. Truly great employers are willing to take a chance, and help you grow from a day laborer, to a apprentice level, and even journeyman.

Next time you are looking for a job, pay attention to opportunities for advancement, and look for an employer who is willing to invest, and form a partnership with you. Finding an employer who is invested in your success is valuable, and can help you access opportunities you might not otherwise find.

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About the Author

Alexandra Vlaming is an Associate Marketing Manager at PeopleReady where she primarily supports customer marketing. Alex’s experience includes print and digital media and she has supported a number of industries, including construction, hospitality, and manufacturing and logistics.

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