Do You Have The Right Skills?

July 3, 2018 Denise Storaasli
Handsome concentrated bearded waiter swiping credit card through the computer terminal in cafe

Retail is great profession to get into if you love interacting with people, are organized and thrive in somewhat hectic environments. There are a variety of jobs you can fill if you get hired in retail. These include: cashier; sales associate; warehouse worker; shipping and receiving; assistant manager and you could even work your way up to becoming a store manager. Whichever position you choose, you’ll need a critical set of both hard and soft skills to become successful.

So what’s the difference between a hard and soft skill? Hard skills are something you obtain through training such as foreign language or a degree/ certificate while soft skills are something that are less defined and often referred to as “people skills” or interpersonal skills like leadership or teamwork.

According to The Balance Careers the Top 8 Retail Skills include:

  1. Attention to Detail: it’s important the customer receives the correct change and things are orderly and well presented in the store.
  2. Business Awareness: must have at least a baseline understanding of the business you’re working in and be familiar with all the product lines.
  3. Communication: nearly every retail position interacts directly with customers so it is imperative that you can communication information that answers customer’s questions in a clear and concise manner.
  4. Customer Service: must present yourself and the establishment you are working for in a friendly and positive manner.
  5. Information Technology (IT) – most retail positions require use of technology systems such as registers or sales/inventory systems.
  6. Interpersonal Skills: must be able to diplomatically deal with customer’s frustrations that may occur.
  7. Numeracy: must possess a good sense of numbers for calculating prices, discounts, inventory or making change.
  8. Selling Skills: need to be helpful, persuasive and engaging.
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